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cbdSignature Touchdown from CBD Flower for Immunity

Signature Touchdown from CBD Flower for Immunity

CBD flower for immunity should be a much talked about concept as we are fighting new viruses, bacteria and germs.”


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CBD flower for immunity is good news in today’s world of germs and new viruses that are pervading our communities. But you may be wondering why that is. What is it about CBD that is so good for the immunity? CBD talks to the immune system via of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and then it starts in to balance all your systems for better health. The CBD flower for immunity is effective because it quiets the cytokine storms that may happen when a new virus is introduced to your body.


CBD Flower for Immunity – CBD Talks Immunity


It is true that CBD flower for immunity is a researched fact because there are multiple CB receptors throughout the immune system in your body. Your immune system affects so many other systems in your body that it is important to keep it balanced and healthy.


How the ECS Gets Involved

CBD flower for immunity spreads itself via the many CB 1 and 2 receptors of the ECS. Because of prior disease or illness of allergens that individuals come in contact with, the ECS communication with the CB receptors become disrupted and they lose signals. CBD flower for immunity corrects this situation by restoring the signal between all the CB receptors.


It’s All About Balance

CBD flower for immunity helps to create balance in our body. We think of immunity having to do with if you get a cold or the flu, etc. Immunity health is actually in all our body systems and can cause problems in all our systems and organs. CBD flower for immunity may take time so if you start feeling the flu coming on, it may not help to dose for a day with CBD gummies. It is important to be consistent in dosing in order to get your body back in order so the right signals are being delivered to the right systems or organs. CBD flower for immunity has the fastest effect if you smoke or dry vape it as it engages pulmonary administration and gets right to the bloodstream to meet up with all the CB receptors in the ECS.


CBD Flower for Immunity – Talkin’ Storm Effects


Cytokines are small proteins which cause the correct cell signaling. CBD flower for immunity is true because it has been long known to adjust signaling from being compromised when health takes a nosedive.

CBD flower for immunity


The Cytokine Storm that a New Virus Creates

Cytokines play an important role in normal immune responses but when a new virus presents itself to the body, that is when CBD flower for immunity and quieting of the storm goes into effect.  A cytokine storm is a severe immune reaction in which the body releases too many cytokines into the blood too quickly like when an unknown virus attacks the body. The body tries to release an immune response, but it is confused because there are no antibodies to this particular virus.  The cytokine storm ensues as the body releases too many cytokines in a disorderly fashion and can be life threatening by causing multiple organ failures.


CBD flower for immunity calms this dangerous Category 5 cytokine storm with symptoms of high fever, inflammation as well as severe fatigue and nausea.  CBD flower for immunity regulates the immune response.


How CBD Changes That

CBD flower for immunity does one thing. It restores homeostasis or balance to the body. That is across the board balancing act on all the body systems. It does this by interacting with the CB receptors in the ECS.  When the body is balanced it is better able to fight off disease of all kinds.  CBD flower for immunity changes the storm factor because it creates balance.


See the source imageThe Last Conclusion


CBD flower for immunity is good news for everyone particularly those with compromised immunity and for those who struggle with low immunity across all the body systems. CBD flower for immunity happens when you consume CBD in a variety of forms like:

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