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AutoFlower CBD Hemp seeds are seeds that create a mid-sized compact hemp plant small enough to grow on your terrace or on your back porch.  Autoflower hemp has in it the genetics of Cannabis ruderabis, a plant that no doubt originated in eastern and central Europe.  This hemp plant does not need the amount of daily light to begin flowering. It reaches maturity based on age not lighting.

Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds – Definition of it All

Autoflower hemp seeds are king of speed as well as champions of resilience and durability. Today’s newest strains of autoflowering hemp seeds offer high yields and great terpene profiles as well as multiple hemp harvests in one year if you schedule your plantings carefully.

Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds – Light Cycle Difference

Most hemp strains are known as “photoperiod” plants, meaning they need a shift in the light cycle to trigger the flowering stage. This shift is what produces the majority of the plant’s CBD and CBG oil. An autoflower plant does not require that shift but matures to the flowering stage because of age, not light. That is why multiple crops can be grown and harvested in one season.

Autoflower hemp seeds, descendants grown in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia, have learned to grow quickly to mature in a short growing season.  Today’s farmers can use seeds with these special adaptations to grow more hemp and harvest more resin.

Most strains reach maturation in 7 to 10 weeks, so farmers in warmer climates can grow multiple harvests per year and the farmers who live in colder climates can still get a full growth season with autoflower CBD hemp seeds

Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds – Pest Resistant and Durable

Pests and insect infestations are a threat to crops, generally speaking even though hemp is in large part pest resistant. Autoflowers grow so quickly that insects cannot move in and do any damage. This is the reason that autoflowers are more pest-resistant than the regular hemp strains.


The autoflower hemp seeds have “learned how to survive in tough climates, so they are now the most resilient hemp strains.


Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds – Better Yields and Terpene Profiles

Breeders are hard at work improving the CBD percentage as well as terpene profiles to counter criticisms of poor quality.

Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds — Growing Process

Growing autoflower hemp seeds in soil is not so different than other plantings except you’ll have more options. Arrange your growing plan for autoflower hemp so you are prepared with your next batch of seeds at the time of harvests of the first.  Your labor crew must be ready for a fast-timed turnaround between planting and harvesting.

  • Schedule your planting

The planting has much more flexibility because you can plant earlier in the spring and into the late fall. Watch for two things – frost and too much rain.

  • Germinate inside for best survival
  • Prepare soil by testing for best levels of sulfur, potassium sulfate, rock phosphate
  • Maintain well-drained soil
  • Harvest between 7 – 10 weeks
  • Germinate your next crop
  • Plant seeds in a single pot and avoid replanting
  • Prepare soil – light and airy, low nutrients
  • Do not overwater to prevent mold
  • Monitor Light to be nurturing light not rigid light schedule
  • Control Airflow, Humidity, temperature at 68 to 78 degrees
  • Prune the upper colas before harvest

When your indoor autoflower hemp plants are ready for harvest, take the colas and the buds from the top first in order to give the lower buds a little more time to mature. This will help you get even more resin from your harvest.

  • Germinate New Crop Simultaneous to Harvest

Take advantage of the fast-growing speeds of your autoflowers to achieve multiple harvests in a year.

“Autoflowering” Last Words

If you are looking for a type of CBD hemp flower plant to grow on your terrace or in a small greenhouse in your back yard, autoflower CBD hemp seeds are it. They are small plants, they are not fragile but resilient and mature to flowering per age and not per light so you can grow them rapidly. Happy growing!

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