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hempSpring Into Action to Create Hemp Farm

Spring Into Action to Create Hemp Farm

“It is springtime so let’s spring into action to create hemp farm right in your back yard because nothings better than homegrown. “

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The year 2018 changed everything for the hemp community from the farmer to the consumer. Congress passed and President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill made hemp legal on a federal level if it contained .03% Delta 9 THC in it. This leaves the farmers with consistent testing requirements to be sure their crop is not “hot”. This bill was and still is good for the farmers from a financial aspect because it bears better “fruit” than corn, soybeans or wheat.

Spring Into Action to Create Hemp Farm – Hemp Farms Go Personal

You may think of a hemp farm only from the commercial point of view.  This means you need acreage, farm equipment and much more. But that is not totally true because hemp enthusiasts are finding ways to grow a dozen or two plants for their personal supply.  Even if you are in urban communities, you can plant a few hemp plants to mature on your back porch or in a garden space in your yard.

If you have close neighbors, you may have to consider the smell factor because as the terpenes and flavonoids begin to develop, they do give off their typical aroma. However, again, when you only have a dozen or so plants, the smell factor will be less.

Legal or Not

Because of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is legal federally to grow, to use and for vendors to sell CBD hemp flower. But here is the twist, some states decided that they are going to continue to classify hemp as illegal. When you consider planting your own hemp farm, you first need to find out the laws in your state regarding hemp so that you can stay within the legal limits.

Spring Into Action to Create Hemp Farm – Off to a Successful Start

One thing about growing hemp is that it is highly insect resistant but there are some insects like the spider mites that plague hemp plants.  But there is a solution – ladybugs!  Many garden centers sell ladybugs which are ready to go to work on the hemp farm.  Ladybugs love munching on spider mites and because of the smell of them the ladybugs can track them down.  One ladybug can eat nine mites every hour so in a day this little bug can devour about 100 spider mites.

Determine Your Grow Space

If you want a success end product, there are a few pointers to follow. The first is definite to determine and evaluate your grow space. Some hemp plants grow in a broad bush size and others grow narrow and tall.  On the average, figure one to three square feet per plant.

The seeds should be one to three feet apart because the branches grow outward as well as upward particularly for some. If the leaves rub together they can become humid and thus spread mold which attracts spider mites.  When planting your hemp seeds, the other reason to leave space is so that you can move between the plants as they grow in order to care for them.  The other option you have is to plant them in pots so that you can move them apart as they grow. If you do select a pot method, you need to use a two to five gallon one.

Spring Into Action to Create Hemp Farm – What’sup with Harvest

If you are really only growing a dozen or so hemp plants then harvest will not be any more labor intensive than caring for your plant from the beginning. The timing of the harvest is important because it determines the potency of the hemp flower and how flush it is with terpenes. Harvest usually occurs in October or 16 weeks after planting. This is when the seeds start to develop.  You can simply use a sickle of sorts to cut off the hemp flower right below where the seeds are.  Harvesting on a warm sunny will cut down on the moist that you have to deal with as you continue to trim and store the hemp flower.

“All Points of View”

Hemp has a great many positives one of which is that it thrives in a wide range of climates and soils. The only except is high altitude and dry desert where the hemp plant vehemently resists. It grows best in warm weather and highly organic and well-drained soil. Since we are talk small back yard gardening possible in a large pot, put a layer of small stones in the bottom to help with drainage.  Plant hemp seedlings where they will grow in general after the last day of frost.

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