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Strain Review“Travelin’ the Sunset Road” for Sherbert Hemp Strain

“Travelin’ the Sunset Road” for Sherbert Hemp Strain

The cannabinoid profile \’\’and potency for Sunset Road Sherbert hemp strain is over 20% when considering only CBD \’\’and CBDA. It holds a strong profile of terpenes with a combination of savors that makes “travelin’ the Sunset Road” something romantic.

In the Beginning \’\’and History

Sunset Road Sherbert hemp strain averages 20% CBD as it joins others in those high ranks of CBD content.  Its parents are AF1 \’\’and Sunset Sherbert, is sativa-leaning to take one “travelin’ down the Sunset Road to find the Sherbert of full relaxation \’\’and rest. This hemp strain is powerful \’\’and potent \’\’and gets the job done when decompressing from the day’s stresses.

The strength of this CBD hemp strain is partly because it was derived from industrial hemp. Sunset Road Sherbert is said to be grown near the Las Vegas strip on the roof of a Las Vegas warehouse.

“Experiencing Sherbert at Sunset”

Slow \’\’and steady is great but not for the Sunset Road Sherbert hemp strain. The hit is immediate, energized, full of buzz producing potent effects of lightheadedness \’\’and a take-over mental buzz.  At the same time tension releases \’\’and gives way to a sense of calm. Sunset Road Sherbert hemp strain takes the racing thoughts \’\’and puts them on the “sunset road for sherbert.”

This hemp strain is not only instant, but it lingers for a time. That makes Sunset Road Sherbert hemp strain a product you can smoke or vape once a day for lingering affects the entirety of the day.

The tangy citrus strain can leave you energized \’\’and revitalized. Most of all, Sunset Road Sherbert is a pungent reminder that your day just got better.

Sunset Road Sherbert Genetics

Sunset Road Sherbert yields 19% to 22% CBD potency \’\’and it also has high levels of particularly beneficial terpenes. It is a sativa dominant hybrid with a distinguishable flavor of creamy orange sherbert pops. This signature strain contains slightly better than average levels of the terpene Pinene \’\’and lower levels of Myrcene \’\’and Caryophyllene as well as these additional terpenes:

  • Humulene
  • Guaiol

The Sunset Road Sherbert has a lineage of other sativa strains high in CBD content. Hemp growers also know that they must harvest early to ensure that THC content remains below the 0.3% or less requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Color, Taste, Aroma

The savors hit hard at the beginning of the smoking experience \’\’and leaves you wanting drag after drag of sweetness that swirls through your mouth \’\’and ends in a woody taste \’\’and aroma.

The flavor profile is described as complete \’\’and well-rounded, but for some the taste might be overwhelming if you are not accustomed to the strong CBD hemp flower flavors. Veteran users will enjoy the overpowering bitterness with the strong strains.

Sunset Road Sherbert Hemp Strain Therapeutics

There may not be a lot of information in regard to the therapeutic health benefits, but it does impact the body \’\’and it handles stress. This hemp strain will unclench those taunt muscles from working on the project all day with a tight deadline. Sunset Road Sherbert relieves tension \’\’and pressure when work colleagues make your life miserable. It helps you enjoy a less pain to even pain-free existence on a daily basis.

Sunset Road to Sherbert may provide a slight rise in energy to keep you alert on rainy Friday afternoon. It relaxes but does not cause you to drift into unconsciousness.

Depression, anxiety, \’\’and panic attacks are all mood conditions which people struggle with sometimes on a daily basis. Sunset Road Sherbert provides a slightly uplifted mood to combat distresses with high CBD content \’\’and without side effects.


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