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Strain ReviewT1 Trump Hemp Strain

T1 Trump Hemp Strain

It is easy to become “trumped up” for T1 Trump hemp strain as it is one of the most flavorful nugs with dominant citrus \’\’and fruity flavors.  T1 Trump also boasts a superb CBD-to-THC ratios from 20:1 to 32:1 CBD : THC some calculations figure. At this ratio there is no psychoactive or intoxication.

This supreme strain is not for the faint of heart so may be better suited to those experienced users. Whether experienced or amateur, the T1 Trump hemp strain brings the best to the table of calm, relaxed, collected or cool hours.

“Trumped” From the Beginning

T1 Trump hemp strain was birthed by crossing the Wife \’\’and the Afghan Skunk. The Wife is another high-CBD strain, but the Afghan Skunk is a hemp buds flower classic.  This parent combination produced an impressive CBD percentage of 20%. Its effects may be controlled \’\’and relaxed, but it all comes without sedation. This particular strain is a versatile cultivar that manifests a spectrum of relaxation as well as alertness.

T1 Trump, named in honor of the 45th President of the United States, one of the tastiest nuggets in the hemp community. It is robust, l\’\’ands with vigor in the body with high levels of CBD. The T1 Trump hemp flower contains white crystal trichomes, making it a notable product. T1 Trump is a creative strain tested in the field to guarantee satisfaction for either the experienced or the amateur user.

“Trumped Up” for the Experience

Pre-rolls of T1 Trump hemp strain Trump hemp strain showcases exceptional control. It allows you to maintain focus \’\’and clarity throughout the span of the experience. The impact will begin with a taste of berries, cheese, sandalwood \’\’and maple which leads into a sense of stress-less well-being without mental clutter.

T1 Trump hemp strain slows the respiration in order to calm you from your mind through your body. Relaxation comes as negative feelings float away.  This hemp strain is long lasting without clouded judgement so that you can engage on whatever level you want.

TI Trump Hemp Strain Genetics

T1 Trump hemp strain is a large plant with exceptional growth, ample yield thick dense buds. It is also one of the most popular hemp cultivars of 2019 in the CBD community. There are multiple reasons why a hemp strain is valuable when it has high CBD content. The one that may not be talked about as much is the fact that it is perfect for botanical extraction of CBD to be used in the production of CBD oil.  T1 is also excellent for botanical extraction.

Color, Taste, Aroma

Beautiful T1 Trump hemp strain flowerT1 Trump hemp strain is dark green \’\’and purple with a covering of frosty trichomes.

 The taste l\’\’ands with citrus \’\’and berries at the start but it is rapidly engulfed by a skunky bitterness of earth \’\’and wood.

The Wife parent throws in an aroma of sweetness to soften the pungent Afghan Skunk to create a memorable savor. Then when you exhale, T1 Trump lingers around your lips that leaves traces of fruity \’\’and bitter savors.

TI Trump Hemp Strain Therapeutic Benefits

T1 Trump hemp strain is suitable for a variety of medical problems

Health Benefits of TI Trump hemp strain

including depression, stress, anxiety. These are chronic ongoing conditions that plague people on a daily basis. The mental \’\’and emotional darkness which accompanies these conditions are paralyzing \’\’and relentless particularly for those who do not want to engage with sedative medications. Pain, migraines \’\’and insomnia suffers can sense relief with T1 Trump.


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