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Strain ReviewHemp Strain — T2 Trump

Hemp Strain — T2 Trump

T2 Trump seeds were developed in Northern Oregon, but its growth area has grown since then. There is always a beginning. It may be original or a blend of two different strains or, like T2 Trump hemp strain had its beginning when one Trump strain is bred with a second Trump strain.  What this accomplishes is the following – the best characteristics become stronger \’\’and the less favorable qualities are squelched.

Trump the Experience

The mild earthy aroma of the T2 Trump hemp flower provides a smooth smoke. This hemp strain is easy to grind to create a pre-roll. T2 Trump is a restorative agent for all one’s senses with an extraordinary combination of fragrances.  The T2 Trump gives a stimulating experience but a clear-headed one.

T2 Trump Genetics

Genetics for a plant, just like genetics in a human being are profiles of strengths \’\’and weaknesses as well as physical characteristics. T2 Trump has a high-CBD range up to almost 17% in some plants. Those genetics make it an attractive bud, considering all the therapeutic benefits \’\’and other experience T2 Trump provides.

CBD is the cannabinoid that we know the most about, but T2 Trump also sports over 19% other cannabinoids as well. So T2 Trump is prime for extracts needed in concentrates \’\’and cannabinoid oils.

The large T2 Trump flowers are dense \’\’and coated with an ample sticky coating of trichomes \’\’and blazing orange pistils or “hairs. This hemp strain has dusty sugar leaves that along with the cured flower make for great extraction sources.

T2 Trump hemp seeds, through the centuries, are consistently high-CBD \’\’and hearty stable plants growing in a variety of environments \’\’and soils.

Look, Taste, Aroma

The flowers of this hemp strain are deep purples \’\’and dark greens.  Sweet \’\’and fruity grape, citrus fills out the taste profile of the T2 Trump hemp strain.  Its flavor profile consists of both woody \’\’and fruity terpenes that provides a clear-headed, stimulating experience.

“Trumped Up” for Growth Versatility

The T2 Trump produce high-CBD content in the massive-sized flowers. Breeders \’\’and growers alike, consistently test their product for CBD content.  The 11% to 16% test result is not “trumped up”, that’s the truth.

To attain the higher CBD content, the T2 Trump hemp plant requires most optimal growing conditions. These conditions are generally outside because it is a hardy strain. It is a durable plant with resilience in various soils from clay to s\’\’andy \’\’and a range of temperatures from 50 degrees to 80 or 90 degrees.

The T2 Trump hemp strain requires eight to ten weeks in order to reach maturity. This Oregon-bred strain grows best about four feet apart or they are simply practicing social distancing!  Harvesting time generally happens before the first frost.

Trump Up the Therapeutic Benefits

Its high cannabinoid content contributes to its wide range of therapeutic uses such as pain relief, inflammation reduction \’\’and some calm for anxiety issues.


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