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Generational Lineage — CBD Hemp Strains

T2 Trump CBD hemp strains seeds were developed in Northern Oregon, but its growth area has grown since then. There is always a beginning. It may be original or a blend of two different strains or, like the hemp strain T2 Trump had its beginning when one Trump strain is bred with a second Trump strain.  What this accomplishes is the following – the best characteristics become stronger and the less favorable qualities are squelched.

T2 Trump has a high-CBD range up to almost 17% in some plants. It is an attractive bud, considering all the therapeutic benefits and other experience T2 Trump provides.

CBD is the cannabinoid that we know the most about, but T2 Trump also sports over 19% other cannabinoids as well. So T2 Trump is prime for CBD extracts needed in concentrates and cannabinoid oils.

Watermelon Haze CBD hemp strain is from Watermelon as the first parent and the second parent is an undefined phenotype of Haze.  This relaxing cultivar clears the mind most of all because once the mind is relieved of its burdens, the physical stresses often lift.  Watermelon Haze is on all counts a potent cultivar to calm the body. Watermelon Haze CBD hemp strain genetics reveal a powerful 80% indica-dominant strain with 16% to 21% CBD content.  No cultivators have claimed to be the originators of Watermelon Haze hemp strain.


T2 Trump CBD hemp strains has a mild earthy aroma of the T2 Trump hemp flower provides a smooth smoke. These CBD hemp strains are easy to grind to create a pre-roll. T2 Trump is a restorative agent for all one’s senses with an extraordinary combination of fragrances.  The T2 Trump gives a stimulating experience but a clear-headed one.

Watermelon Haze CBD hemp strains are slower reacting with its effects. A few tokes, puffs or drags and you will not sense any type of “hazing”.  Then as the minutes pass in slow motion this impressive cultivar reveals its potency occurs in a subtle but noticeable way.

The head may sense the effects first, but it steadily moves to the rest of the body in a tranquil calm. The “hazing” replaces these with relaxation and a slow rhythmic breathing for a nighttime of refreshed sleep.

Savors — CBD Hemp Strains

T2 Trump CBD hemp strains have flowers that are deep purples and dark greens.  Sweet and fruity grape, citrus fills out the taste profile of the T2 Trump hemp strain.  Its flavor profile consists of both woody and fruity terpenes that provides a clear-headed, stimulating experience.

Watermelon Haze CBD hemp strains are a showcase of savors including pine and earthy.  A light fruitiness permeates the Watermelon Haze’s flavor profile, but it also blends together tastes of tropical fruit in a pleasant mildness.  For the users who prefer the light fruity savors rather than the strong earthy undertones, Watermelon gives you the perfect “hazing experience”. Utilizing a vape best highlights the fruity flavor which these hemp strains are best known for.


T2 Trump CBD hemp strains high cannabinoid content contributes to its wide range of therapeutic uses for pain, inflammation and anxiety.

Watermelon Haze CBD hemp strains has valuable calming and relaxing effect so works well as a sleeping aid and also as an appetite stimulant.

  • 32% caryophyllene — Interacts with the CB2 receptor of our endocannabinoid system;
  • 19% myrcene – The scents bring on peaceful meditation, supports relaxation and sleep;
  • 17% limonene – This terpene acts as a stress-reliever and mood enhancer;
  • 10% humulene – Mixes with CBD content to intensify the benefits.

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