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hemp flowerTalk Back Edition About Hemp Flower

Talk Back Edition About Hemp Flower

“Talkback edition about Hemp flower is a historical phenomenon because it just keeps surviving. Even though the law rules against this thing of nature, then it rules for it when needed. Finally in 2018 with the Farm Bill. Hemp is often misunderstood because of its family ties to cannabis. Let’s try to clear up some things here.”



Edition About Hemp Flower #1

See the source imageThe hemp plant produces the hemp flower. Other names for the hemp flower are hemp bud, hemp flower nug. We also use the phrase CBD hemp flower. This is probably because the hemp flower has many cannabinoids but the one with the highest percentage is CBD. CBD is also the cannabinoid that rises to the top in health benefits.  The hemp flower also sports terpenes which give all those wonderful savors when you smoke or vape it. However, here is something you might not know that terpenes also carry with them health benefits.





Edition About Hemp Flower #2

See the source image Health Benefits include the ability to reduce skin inflammation, to act as an anti-fungal and antibiotic with gastro-protective qualities.

Borneol Health Benefits include improved digestion blood circulation; treatment for bronchial symptoms and improves lung function.

Linalool Health Benefits include a calming effect and alleviation of stress.

Limonene Health Benefits include quelling stress, being a mood stabilizer, fighting depression with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and may have anti-cancer properties.




Edition About Hemp Flower #3

See the source imageThe edition about hemp flower tells us that it grows indoors and outdoors with advantages in both places. Particularly in the northwest where the hemp flower benefits from the salty ocean breeze. The hemp flower with “OG” as part of its name, means “ocean grown”.  But when the hemp flower grows indoors, the hemp farmer can manipulate the light in a way to cause the hemp bud to mature more rapidly.





When you grind the hemp flower, you can roll it up into a hemp cigarette. Or you can use the ground-up and decarbed hemp flower to add to your favorite brownies or chocolate chip cookies.

Talk Back Hemp Flower

Cherry Wine D8 Flower

NEW STRAIN ALERT! Introducing Cherry Wine D8 Smalls Hemp Flower.  Cherry Wine D8 smalls genetics are made of Charlotte’s Cherries, The Wife, and D8 Oil

Perfectly balanced at 50% indica, 50% sativa, this strain makes up which makes the perfect hybrid flower. It has reported positive effects for muscle soreness, stress, and body pain, As well as that, this Hemp Buds and Flower has sweet and fruity aromas that often include a spicy but woody, and earthy undertone.

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