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MarijuanaTalk Back Edition About Marijuana

Talk Back Edition About Marijuana

If you want to know this edition about marijuana, then read on right here at Dr. Strains CBD.  Marijuana is high in Delta 9 THC, something everyone knows. That is what gives the psychoactive high, the subsequent paranoia, intoxication, and many other negatives. Marijuana is miscategorized as the only cannabis. That’s not true because there are 2 categories of cannabis.


Marijuana Edition #1

This edition about Marijuana shows that it is high in Delta 9 THC but extremely low in the CBD cannabinoid. And it is cannabis. Guess what? Hemp is cannabis as well, but it has only 0.03% Delta 9 THC but high CBD up into the 20% and higher.  So, when you say to your friends that you consume CBD hemp flower, they think you are referring to marijuana, but you are not. With all the information out there, people are still confused about the differences between hemp and marijuana. But I was confused as well when I was first introduced to hemp, so I understand the confusion.


Marijuana Edition #2

Since cannabis is also hemp, it is inaccurate to refer to all things in this edition about marijuana solely as cannabis. Because that breeds confusion to the newbies to the hemp community. Marijuana is psychoactive because of the high percentages of Delta 9 THC in it. Hemp is non-psychoactive because the 2018 Farm Bill limits the amount of Delta 9 THC to 0.03%.


Marijuana Edition #3


But hemp is high in CBD and all the other non-psychoactive cannabinoids and is loaded with benefits and effects.  But we are only mentioning hemp in order to differ between the two sides of cannabis.


Marijuana does have medical benefits so those who need those benefits try to deal with the psychoactive consequences. Some states have legalized marijuana others have legalized medical marijuana cards. But many enjoy the high from marijuana and do not mind the afterward paranoia, anxiety, and other results.

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