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cbdTalk of the Town — Bringing CBD Hemp Flower into Your Life

Talk of the Town — Bringing CBD Hemp Flower into Your Life

Bringing CBD hemp flower into your life may seem challenging because of its connection to cannabis. I know I did. The minute I saw the literature on the product I was using related to cannabis I was ready to ditch everything because cannabis is marijuana, plain \’\’and simple.

Bringing CBD Hemp Flower into Your Life – Do the Research

When I realized that what I was taking was cannabis, the thing that convinced further research was that I had already realized relief of my osteoarthritis \’\’and had no negative side-effects.

If you are at the same place, before tossing the “baby (cannabis hemp) out with the bathwater (all cannabis)”, do some research. This blog site could be a voice of facts vs myths \’\’and hemp vs marijuana for you as you try to find the truth that many others are enjoying.

It often takes trial \’\’and error experiments to find, first, what you feel comfortable with consuming \’\’and secondly what works for you. Thirdly, the most important fact to begin with is underst\’\’anding that cannabis is the umbrella plant name for marijuana \’\’and for hemp.

It is interesting indeed that cannabis can be the name of the “mother plant” \’\’and one “child” is psychoactive (marijuana) \’\’and the other “child” is calm, relaxing with never even coming close to a high of any kind. But that is the truth of the matter; the foundation upon which you can build other information.

Bringing CBD Hemp Flower into Your Life – Find a Dispensary

There are many vendors who have sprung into existence because CBD \’\’and all the products which are extracted from this amazing hemp flower. But too many are cutting corners \’\’and wish only to make a fast buck on low potency product or doing a bait \’\’and switch on products like selling hemp oil for CBD oil.

Dr. Strains CBD is a brick \’\’and mortar dispensary but it is also a flourishing online site that sells only high quality 3rd party tested hemp flower nugs as well as various CBD products.

You can ask questions online or in person in the dispensary \’\’and expect to find the answers you are looking for. They sell CBD hemp flower nugs \’\’and right now they have 25 different strains in their inventory. Do not be fearful of asking dumb questions because as they say, there are no dumb questions.

There are 48 pages of blog posts here which address multiple issues, questions, myths, recipes \’\’and DIY projects made with CBD hemp flower.

Bringing CBD Hemp Flower into Your Life – Chose a Flower for Recreation

To help you choose a product to begin bringing CBD hemp flower into your life, isolate why you want to explore CBD hemp.

If you do not have any particular physical condition that needs a remedy, but want something for recreation use, then start testing different CBD hemp flower nug strains to find the want that you like the savors.

There is no wrong or right in this choice it is simply what you enjoy most. Remember, there is absolutely no psychoactive high which you will get when you smoke hemp. The sativa type hemp flowers will energize you, give better focus \’\’and make you feel more productive. The indica type hemp flower will relax you \’\’and move out mental clutter that stresses you then give you a much more restful night sleep.

Bringing CBD Hemp Flower into Your Life – Choose a Product for Health

The three top health reasons for which people decide to use CBD for are:

  • pain,
  • anxiety
  • insomnia

For pain, you choose whichever hemp flower you most enjoy because CBD is the cannabinoid best for pain \’\’and that is the best for pain. Each flower has different percentages of CBD so if pain is your main complaint then chose one that is high in CBD.

CBG, another important cannabinoid in hemp, is also great for quelling pain. Dr. Strains CBD has a strain by the name of CBG Infused Special Sauce which not only has CBD in the hemp flower nug but it is infused with additional CBG. This means that you have two cannabinoids particularly intent on knocking out pain. Or you may want to consider Crawford CBG hemp flower as well.

For insomnia \’\’and anxiety, you will want to look at the Indica types of CBD hemp flower like Bubba Kush which are calming flowers.

Bringing CBD Hemp Flower into Your Life – Other CBD Products

If you are not a smoker \’\’and do not care to smoke, there are many other products for you to consider. Dr. Strains CBD has CBD oil capsules which are convenient \’\’and easy to dose with. CBD-infused gummies are delicious \’\’and fun to dose with, also simple \’\’and portable if you are on the go.

If your problem is skin inflammation or inflamed joints from arthritis then a CBD infused topical may be the best choice for you. Here are some options for you on topical solutions:

“Bringing it into Your Life” Last Words

Enjoy the journey in hemp l\’\’and because there is much to explore. CBD can change your life if you are suffering from chronic health problems which pharmaceuticals will not touch. CBD is not magic but it is full of health benefits that can make your life better.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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