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hemp flowerTalk of the Town — CBD Hemp Flower Introduces Chylobinoid

Talk of the Town — CBD Hemp Flower Introduces Chylobinoid

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“CBD hemp flower introduces chylobinoid because there is a surprise for you and probably something you’ve never heard of before.”


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The Cherry Chocolate Chip hemp strain is the winner of the second place for Hemp Flower of the 2020 Oregon Growers Cup and for good reason with a defining 19% CBD content.  This premium hybrid inherits its parent’s best characteristics, making it a dominant Sativa capable of delighting whoever tries it.  This indoor strain hits the nose with earthy, berry aromas and offers a deep body relaxation while keeping your mind clear and calm.  This premium indoor hemp strain will delight you not only for its chocolaty flavor or its sweet cherry aroma but also for the pleasant effects that it will produce.


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There is one reason why so many new products continue to emerge in the CBD hemp flower industry and it is not all about making money. It is also about finding one more way to help with the sad human condition of pain, disease and unbridled inflammation raging through our body. Chylobinoid is offered as a premium product consisting of 70% CBDa and about 5% CBD. The other 25% is made up of the mineral magnesium, other cannabinoids and some natural plant lipids. It has already shown promise for health advantages.



  • Defining the Product

  • Advantages

  • How it Rolls Through Your Body

  • “Talk of the Town “ Last Words

  • Today’s Feature Post

  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


CBD Hemp Flower Introduces Chylobinoid – Defining the Product

Chylobinoid is relatively a new product \’\’and is particularly rich in CBDa (CBD acid).  Chylobinoid is a mineral-infused, broad spectrum cannabinoid complex rich in CBDa. Some see it as a more convenient \’\’and consistent dosing method \’\’and with greater potency.

CBD hemp flower introduces Chylobinoid which has properties similar to those of chylomicrons. Chylomicrons are naturally produced lipoprotein particles to transport fats \’\’and cholesterol into the bloodstream through the lymphatic system.

CBD Hemp Flower Introduces Chylobinoid –Advantages

Chylobinoid does contain substantially more CBDa than other hemp-derived products \’\’and there is a reason for it. The application of heat \’\’and drying during conventional purification processes typically converts most CBDa contained within raw hemp to CBD but when processing Chylobinoid, the heat \’\’and drying is minimal. It is equal to the broad spectrum of CBD products so it can facilitate the Entourage Effect. The only cannabinoid that is missing in the broad spectrum is THC.

Chylobinoid is better absorbed and more beneficial than other products derived from hemp.CBD hemp flower introduces Chylobinoid because it offers several advantages over current CBD products. The two most notable are that

  • we believe that CBDa will prove to have superior potency and a stronger effect of treating ailments;

  • it is designed to bypass the liver \’\’and, therefore, it will be much better absorbed into the bloodstream after orally ingested.

Chylobinoid packs a superior impact with better potency \’\’and better absorption. In addition, since Chylobinoid is a powder, formulation into edibles \’\’and patches will be more efficient \’\’and provide greater flexibility for advanced formulations.

CBD Hemp Flower Introduces Chylobinoid –How it Rolls Through Your Body

Chylobinoid is designed to bypass the the first-pass hepatic metabolism. This is very important because the first-pass dilutes the potency which a substance ultimately has in the body. It also slows the speed one feels the effects. Both of these situations lower the bioavailability of CBD to around 8%. Avoiding the liver’s metabolic filter boosts bioavailability up to 60-80%.

CBD hemp flower introduces Chylobinoid because it consists of 75-85% magnesium-cannabidiolic acid (Mg-CBDa), approximately 5% cannabidiol (CBD), 5% other cannabinoids, \’\’and naturally occurring plant lipids.

Now you may be asking, “Why Magnesium?” Magnesium imparts amphiphilic or water \’\’and fat loving properties which increases water \’\’and oil solubility to the product. This also aids digestion \’\’and an increased absorption through membranes, intestinal \’\’and skin. Absorption is an important aspect of any product we consume because if our bodies do not absorb the product, then it cannot benefit the body.

Second, magnesium stabilizes CBDa so it does not decarboxylation to CBD. The magnesium also allows for the ease of the isolation of Chylobinoid. Remember, we said it is usually in powder form \’\’and this is the reason why.  Chylobinoid allows a more effective reach to the site of inflammation \’\’and pain.

“Talk of the Town” Last Words

CBD hemp-based products are continually being created not for the fun of it but so there are options for what works the best for you. This product, Chylobinoid, is not well-known but it has a purpose. It is easier \’\’and faster absorbed even though you take it orally. There are some health challenges that are particularly resistant to any type of treatment. But perhaps this product is the break-through you need.


“Choices, Choices, Choices – Which CBD Hemp Flower Will it Be?”

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Space C\’\’andy D8 Flower — Infused with D8, this flower will have enhanced effects of the favorite Space C\’\’andy.  Try a 1/2 oz. now for only $24.99!

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