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cbdTalkin’ About the Gold Rush! Explosive CBD Hemp Flower Growth

Talkin’ About the Gold Rush! Explosive CBD Hemp Flower Growth

Explosive CBD hemp flower growth, \’\’and I’m not talking about a hemp plant maturing in the ground. This is about the “gold rush” of hemp farmers to plant acreage \’\’and sell to produce CBD products. This is also about the “gold rush” of consumers for the products now stock not only in specialty shops but also even in chain market stores like Dollar General, CVS \’\’and others. Then the third “gold rush” came from those who simply love a good smoke but do not want to get high.

Explosive CBD Hemp Flower Growth – What Started the Gold Rush

President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill to once again legalize hemp after a roller coaster ride of legal issues for years.  Then the explosive CBD hemp flower growth began. This time it stuck \’\’and farmers started turning their farms into hemp producing acreages. The farmers love the crop because it is environmentally sustainable, financially profitable \’\’and consumers were dem\’\’anding it.

So the driving force behind the Gold Rush was the legalizing of hemp. It was already widely known about the health benefits of CBD by the researchers \’\’and scientists why had been working with it since a limited legalization of it in 2014.

Explosive CBD Hemp Flower Growth – Failure of Pharmaceuticals or Better Health

It’s like discussing if the egg or the chicken came first. Did pharmaceuticals fail people \’\’and their chronic health conditions or did health simply become more important to the American people as disease ran rampant in families?

It does not really matter because either way it pushed the explosive CBD hemp flower growth to new heights. Anxiety \’\’and pain is always at the top of the list \’\’and that is probably because pharmaceuticals are more likely to fail in those two areas. These two conditions are the top reasons that people get addicted to medications \’\’and still may not have resolution for that problems.

But many Americans are merely more focused on their health today for a variety of reasons. Side by side with that many are concerned with the seeming quickening deterioration of health in society in general. So they are taking things in their own h\’\’ands to remedy the situation with the natural alternatives.

Explosive CBD Hemp Flower Growth – The Difference in Chronic Health Challenges

Whether smokable hemp flower moved the market towards birthing pains for the industry or whether the “gold oil” in gold rush overtook the market, we may not know.

But one thing is sure people started recognizing a difference in their constant chronic pain level or the anxiety that had plagued them most of their life. With that realization, explosive CBD hemp flower growth was unavoidable.

Explosive CBD Hemp Flower Growth – Solutions Multiply

First there was an ill tasting crude oil product \’\’and that was it. Then more companies came on board \’\’and soon there were flavored tinctures \’\’and water soluble rather than oil. Then from tvheir the products multiplied like baby rabbits.

Now there are CBD-infused gummies (my personal favorites), CBD oil capsules, CBD-infused gum, CBD-infused water, even \’\’and so much more. These are products for those who do not smoke because smoking hemp flower nugs are the most potent \’\’and have the least amount of processing.

Then we now have topicals that can be applied to the skin for faster absorption because the skin has its own Endocannabinoid System. These are particularly effective if the health challenge you have is skin related or even joint related. For these situations these is CBD infused lotion \’\’and CBD Isolate roll-on in a menthol base.  All these things \’\’and more pushed the explosive CBD hemp flower growth.

Many times it takes some experimenting in order to find the solution that best helps to resolve your pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression or other ailments.

Explosive CBD Hemp Flower Growth – Or, Just Go With the Flower

If you enjoy smoking, you may find the experience much simpler because every hemp pre-roll or if you roll your own, will have CBD content which is the main “pain buster”. If you do not want the hassle of creating your own hemp roll then Dr. Strains CBD has hemp pre-rolls all ready for you in flower strains of Hawaiian Haze \’\’and Lifter.

If you have sensitives to burnt herb, then you could try the dry vape. Your vaporizer has a compartment to put water in \’\’and another compartment for the ground hemp flower nug. After you pack in the ground flower, turn it on so the water heats. When ready you inhale the hemp flower vapor.

Vapor that you can enjoy in a more discreet fashion. Another reason for the explosive CBD hemp flower growth.

“The Gold RUSH”

Yes, there is a reason for the Gold Rush today just as there was decades ago for the Gold Rush to west where some had found gold. The previous Gold Rush was for financial security but today the Gold Rush is about our health \’\’and well-being. Generally-speaking individuals prefer health to sickness \’\’and wellness to disease.

Too many are finding a relief \’\’and resolution to long-st\’\’anding chronic pain for CBD hemp flower to be a hoax. Too many are having their anxiety panic attacks leveled to nearer normal mood stabilization. It takes time to find the effective dose or manner of dosing. Make sure you always buy product from reputable vendors like Dr. Strains CBD who always put the best quality product at the best price \’\’and always with 3rd party testing.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog \’\’and return often to find new information.

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