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Strain ReviewTalking “Sauce” — CBG Infused Special Sauce

Talking “Sauce” — CBG Infused Special Sauce

Let’s talk “Sauce” as in CBG Infused Special Sauce hemp strain because it is a unique cannabidiol flower strain.  Despite yielding medium to small-sized “nugs”, it packs some serious punch. It sports a small stature but a potency that deserve applause.  The densely aromatically distinct nugs exude a special smell, thus the name of Special Sauce. They are richly covered in trichrome which gives a unique glaze to a wind-down evening.

The Genetics of Special Sauce

Special Sauce is an Indica hybrid.  Smokable Special Sauce hemp flower contains at least 18 unique terpenes including myrcene, caryophyllene \’\’and pinene.

Fenchol gives Special Sauce much of its alluring bouquet of fragrances. Farnesene contains antioxidant properties \’\’and brings out taste \’\’and aroma.

Profiling Cannabinoids of the Special Sauce —

There are a lot of cannabinoids in Special Sauce Hemp Flower \’\’and in high percentages as well. Some are minor \’\’and some have a higher percentage. CBD is averaged out between 14% to 19% \’\’and Delta 9 THC at 0.3% \’\’and THCA at 0.61% \’\’and CBG at 0.61%

CBG Infusion

CBG is a relatively new spotlighted cannabinoid in the hemp flower. It provides considerable competition to the health benefits of CBD.  Presently CBG has more suspected potential than it has proven effectiveness. But the testimonies are beginning to stack up from users who are realizing benefits beyond CBD.  CBG-must be infused into the Special Sauce because the hemp plant has to be harvested before maturation to preserve the CBG content. CBG infused products such as the CBG Infused Special Sauce provide those extra health benefits.

Grandfather of Cannabinoids

CBG is actually called the grandfather of cannabinoids \’\’and the CBG flower is legal \’\’and it is regulated by the laws which regulate CBD.

The hemp plant can turn to predominantly CBD or predominantly THC. There is a deterrent for growers from focusing on harvesting CBG because the plants must be cut early to maximize the CBG content.  The dem\’\’and for CBD \’\’and THC dominant plants overrules the decision to let the hemp plant fully mature. But since the hemp plant has to be harvested early in order to procure the CBG cannabinoid, the grower has a decision to make. This situation also makes for a scarcity of extracted CBG.

The Color, The Taste, The Aroma

The Taste is smooth whereas other hemp flowers are harsh on the throat or lungs, but not Special Sauce. It goes down easy \’\’and for those smoking it, it burns well. The flavor, other than being smooth, is sweetness followed by a woody flavor ending with a floral note.

The Special Sauce hemp strain bursts with zesty lemon flavor on one h\’\’and then a smoky, oily scent to complete the aroma with hints of an earthy finish \’\’and vanilla-like undertones.

CBG Infused Special Sauce — Therapeutics

Awesome for night-time as a sleep aid, efficient for reducing pain, or providing an enchanting nice blanket of calm for the day, CBG is a shining star rising in the cannabis world. The cannabinoids present in the special sauce are expressive with a unique buzz.

The pharmacology \’\’and science state that CBG is an effective therapeutic \’\’and it possesses neuroprotective activity. CBG Infused Special Sauce impacts other conditions such as:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). CBG has significantly reduced bowel inflammation for IBD patients.
  • Huntington’s disease – Experiments with CBG,  show it has a neuroprotective ability for Huntington’s disease patients;
  • Anti-bacterial \’\’and anti-cancer – A variety of studies show how  CBG is an anti-bacterial agent \’\’and an inhibitor of cancer cell growth.

My Concluding Thoughts

CBG is gaining momentum in the cannabis plant world. It will not usurp THC as the main cash crop but it has potential as a CBD therapeutic rival. In order get the full benefit of the CBG, harvest time is on a different timetable which curtails the growth \’\’and harvest rhythm in cannabis world.  The benefits are clear \’\’and the consumer’s dem\’\’and gives rise for CBG infused products like CBG Infused Special Sauce, so the hemp plant farmers will see profits over inconveniences.

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