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cbdTalking the CBD Flower Talk With the Athlete

Talking the CBD Flower Talk With the Athlete

There is good reason for athletes to utilize the benefits of athletes because it is well-known for its use in retaining muscles \’\’and performance improvement. So right from the “Go” shot on any competition day, athletes can retain, improve \’\’and do it all naturally with the famous two words, CBD flower.

Athletes all have a rigorous training protocol they adhere to daily then through the season of playing their game, the wear \’\’and tear on their body is pounding. They have to continue training \’\’and playing the game even though in pain. This can be damaging to the body in the long run if nothing is done to revitalize, protect \’\’and heal stressed muscles, bones \’\’and tendons.

The Talk About The Athlete’s Body

The good news is that the athlete’s body can be protected, healed. rejuvenated with CBD flower that does not give a high nor does it damage their body or performance. And it goes from good to better to best because in 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from controlled substances which are forbidden nationally \’\’and internationally. They did so after realizing the beneficial uses for CBD when it comes to athletes.  But there is not just one reason but there are three reasons why every athlete should be using CBD flower products on a regular basis.

The Talk About the How of CBD Flower

Benefit # 1 – Method of Delivery

It is your choice. Do you prefer sublingual drops or capsules? Either is available in milligrams you wish for.  Or there is lotion or roll-on ointment as well as creams. If you are an athlete reading this, you will be joining a host of others who have realized all the benefits in CBD. The other factor which should influence your choice of delivery is what works for you. If you have muscle exacerbation in the muscles of your thighs, a CBD cream or roll-on CBD ointment may give better results than the sublingual drops. Besides rubbing a lotion or cream into the muscle that cramps up may also be a benefit in recovering muscle function.

Benefit # 2 – CBD Flower Prevents Inflammation

CBD is known to be an anti-inflammatory. The natural response of the body to an injury or excessive exertion during training season is inflammation. If the inflammation is extensive, the athlete may not be able to train or participate in competitions. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury, \’\’and it may have some healing qualities. The truth is that it also prevents the athlete to continue in the sport he or she loves. CBD modulates the symptoms of the inflammation so the athlete can continue. They can training or playing in the game without further injury to the body.

Benefit # 3 – CBD Flower Reduces Stress \’\’and Anxiety

Athletes may be tough \’\’and strong as well as accomplished in their game. At best they will experience stress because of an upcoming game or stress wondering if they will make the cut in training season. Stress tires you out to the extent you are not able to participate in a game or in training. CBD is known to be an effective mood stabilizer. This includes modifying stress \’\’and anxiety that can bring on depression as well. CBD regulates anti-stress hormones in the brain so that it responds appropriately with focus.

My “Explorative”’ Last Words.

From pain control to inflammation modulation among other benefits, CBD rises to the top like cream in fresh milk. The powers of CBD do not rest in a pharmaceutical drug to cover up whatever is wrong. CBD heals \’\’and restores the body with how the occurring cannabinoids interact with the receptors of our Endocannabinoid System.

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