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cbdThe 1, 2, 3 of CBD Flower Oil Extraction

The 1, 2, 3 of CBD Flower Oil Extraction

CBD flower oil has a plethora of benefits which continue to increase. You can take CBD for pain or inflammation or anxiety or other body dysfunctions. CBD regulates \’\’and balances the body, so you do not have the symptoms.

CBD hemp is a plant so at some point the oil must be extraction from the flower \’\’and/or other parts of the hemp plant. There are different methods used to extractor the oil so for interest’s sake, let’s take a peek.

The Solvent Extraction Method

The solvent method uses one of three different solvents – ethanol, low-grade alcohol or butane. Ethanol extracts all the cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes which is good. On the other side, it also extracts the chlorophyll which may add an unpleasant taste. It is possible to remove the chlorophyll by a filtering process, but it may also reduce the potency of the oil. The solvent butane is stronger, but it is more likely to irritate the lungs when swallowing the oil as sublingual drops.

Whichever solvent is used, is added to the hemp plant so it can strip the cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes. Then the liquid is heated to evaporate it down to a base oil.

The CO2 CBD Flower Oil Extraction Method

Using liquid CO2 as the extraction method involves raising the pressure with a compressor \’\’and raising the temperature of the CO2 with a heater.  As the hemp cannabis passes through the supercritical carbon dioxide, the CO2 pulls the trichomes \’\’and terpene oils out of the plant then passed through a separator that sends the trichomes \’\’and terpenes into a container \’\’and the CO2 goes back into the condenser \’\’and returns to a liquid form, dumps into a storage tank to start the process all over again.

The Olive Oil Extraction Method

First, the raw plant must be decarboxylated (heated) to activate the chemicals in the plant. It is generally recommended to heat the oven to 248 degrees for 60 minutes.  Next, the heated plant material is added to the olive oil \’\’and heated again to 212 degrees for 1 or 2 hours. This should extract the cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes from the plant.

My 1, 2, 3, CBD Flower Oil Last Words

You may never expect to extract oil from the hemp plant yourself.  It is still an interesting to know the complicated process to put CBD oil on the shelf for you to purchase.  The various oil extractions have an impact on the final product \’\’and as well as an impact on your health. It is a question you will want to ask the vendor as to which extraction method has been utilized

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