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hemp flowerThe Amazing Hemp Flower — For Environment; For Health; For Recreation

The Amazing Hemp Flower — For Environment; For Health; For Recreation

“It may seem like the amazing hemp flower is magic because of the blessing it is on every side. It is, however, effective, amazingly effective.”


The May Flowers of Dr. Strains CBD Specials

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Dr. Strains is now offering KushCare CBD sore muscle rub. This product is used for body aches, arthritis/joint pains and muscle tension. KushCare CBD products are all natural and handcrafted with their own infused CBD oil. This 300 mg CBD sore muscle rub has a 3-hour infusion process.

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Did you know that CBD hemp flower is for recreational purposes as well as health and well–being?




  • For Environment
  • In the Name of Health
  • For Recreation
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Among the many misconceptions surrounding hemp and one of them is that CBD hemp flower is only for health. After you read more about the amazing hemp flower in this post, it will be clear that hemp is an effective flower and plant on multiple levels.

The Amazing Hemp Flower—For Environment

Generally speaking, crops deplete the soil so many farmers do rotation planting to give the soil a chance to catch up with itself.  Industrial manufacturing also pollutes our environment with chemical-heavy farming practices and toxic waste sites. The toxins left behind many times are out of control. Then hemp was legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill and everything changed.

Now we have thousands of acres of hemp growing to help correct an environment problem through the process of phytoremediation. Phytoremediation is only one way that hemp is saving our environment as it is nature’s way of vacuuming toxic chemicals and heavy metals, out of the soil and groundwater. Some of referred to hemp growing as the “magic eraser” that cleans up the messes which others have left behind. Once again, we see the results of the amazing hemp flower. There are three fundamental ways the process works:

  • Phytoaccumulation — While the hemp growing process happens, the toxins accumulate in the shoots and leaves of the plant where they are stored until the plant finishes its growth cycle, then it dies and degrades.
  • Phytovolatilization – The hemp plant absorbs organic contaminants and pollutants and releases them through its leaves and into the air.
  • Phytodegradation – This is when pollutants are metabolized and destroyed.

 The Amazing Hemp Flower – In the Name of Health

There are five primary body systems which the CB2 receptors balance with the appropriate amount of either natural endocannabinoids or hemp flower cannabinoids like CBD and CBG among others as well as the terpenes in the amazing hemp flower. There are the body systems that manage your body throughout the day and the night and how it responds to outside forces.

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Central nervous system
  • Reproductive system
  • Immune system
  • Respiratory system

CBD hemp flower or other cannabinoids like CBG interact with the CB receptors they do not bind to the receptors. We cannot say here that CBD or any other cannabinoid is a cure for chronic conditions or conditions which are anti-biotic resistant. But it can facilitate healing and help to bring the body back into homeostasis.

The Amazing Hemp Flower – For Recreation

Recreation means different things to different people. Some believe that marijuana is the recreational part of cannabis and hemp is the health side of the centuries old plant.  Marijuana has been used to “get high” and it is definitely an addictive drug that has damaged many users.

Hemp does not give a high as the THC content is 0.3% or less. But when you smoke or dry vape the hemp flower you will feel the relaxation it provides almost immediately if the flower is indica. However, unlike marijuana, smoking an indica hemp flower like Bubba Kush, will not put you in a state of “couch lock”.

Or if you decide to smoke a sativa hemp flower like Elektra hemp flower or Hawaiian Haze, you will be energized, socially talkative and generally speaking in an elevated sense of well-being.

“Amazing” Last

CBD, a natural compound works organically with our ECS to restore order and balance. Hemp is divided into many different categories but one of the ways is Sativa vs Indica. The amazing hemp flower has so many environmental benefits as well as multiple health benefits which have attracted the attention of the medical professional and environmentalists all over the world.  Farmers are excited with the profit potential of such an environmentally positive crop. The countless people who have suffered from chronic pain and anxiety are finally able to walk and function.


Today’s Feature Post

CBD Flower Tools of the Trade – Simplify the Smoke

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 Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

Are you looking for a CBD hemp buds product? Good News! We are continuing on through 2021 with bang-up additions to our inventory such as the following:

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bubba kush d8 hemp flowerBubba Kush D8 Flower — This D8 flower has a fruity smell \’\’and well enhance relaxation due to its high content of D8 which is over 23%!  Try a 1/2 oz now for only $29.99!


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Dr. Strains CBD’s premium D8 gummies are made from our premium greenhouse grown hemp flower. Each 5 pack contains 250 of D8 with assorted flavors for only $11.99.


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Dr. Strains CBD has High CBD Wraps

Dr. Strains CBD is proud to offer vegan friendly CBD high Hemp Wraps! If you’re the traditional smoker, then give one of our organic CBD wraps a try. GMO free and 2 wraps per pack which are infused with CBD!

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