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cbdThe Best CBD Flowers to Relax After Holiday Madness

The Best CBD Flowers to Relax After Holiday Madness

The best CBD flowers to relax will always be Indica or hybrid with Indica dominance. These flowers are to relax not to sedate or give a couch lock because the THC content is always 0.3% or lower in CBD hemp flowers.

Christmas is a beautiful, romantic \’\’and tradition as well as other holidays but it drives the stress \’\’and anxiety which has the potential of leaving us all with bad dose of exhaustion. So after all the guests are gone \’\’and the dirty dishes are still stacked in the kitchen, the only thing left to do is to sit down \’\’and enjoy a Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower smoke.

The Best CBD Flowers to Relax – The Best of Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is as big \’\’and bold as they come as a 70% Indica hybrid.  It has the characteristics to relax you but it also will help to stay asleep for the night. Bubba Kush produces many of the effects of indica-dominant strains, including happiness, relaxation, \’\’and muscle relaxation.

Have you ever gone to bed for the night but your muscles are so tense, they feel like logs or boards. It is time to go to sleep, but how can you? Bubba Kush is recognized as one of the best muscle relaxer. This is important because even though you are able to fall asleep with tense muscles, you will wake up in the morning sore \’\’and feeling that you may have been asleep but your body was unable to rest because of the tension

A smoke with Bubba Kush in the evening will not only give calm \’\’and relaxation but also can give those tense muscles an incentive to let go \’\’and relax. Besides this, Bubba Kush is fast-acting as well to start the drifting away.

The Best CBD Flowers to Relax – The Wit of White CBG

The White CBG is another potent indica dominant hybrid hemp flower Strong in CBD but also at 15% CBG. White CBG is often referred to as the “Triangle” because of its three terpenes of Caryophyllene, Myrcene \’\’and Limonene.  It has potent notes of kush, fuel, cilantro, \’\’and gas to bring on relaxation \’\’and give you the valuable unwind for the end of the day.

White CBG is best to consume in a smoke or dry vape to take advantage of all the compounds to enjoy the Entourage Effect. White CBG is covered with white trichomes that make the buds look like they were rolled in sugar.  All considered, this is another great Indica strain to relax you \’\’and bring on that great night of sleep.

The Best CBD Flowers to Relax – The “Rem Sleep” of Remedy

Indica hemp strains are known for their relaxing benefits but another characteristic of CBD hemp flowers good for better sleep is their terpene profile. Remedy has an outst\’\’anding cannabinoid content at 15% \’\’and also a rich terpene profile high in myrcene \’\’and caryophyllene.

Remedy, medium-to-large sized buds tapering to a fine point, feature bright green patches with spots of yellow on a densely packed flower. It also sports notes of lemon \’\’and pine that bring on calm, chronic pain \’\’and inflammation relief.

The Best CBD Flowers to Relax – The Sazzle of Special Sauce

This CBD-rich flower features verdant nuggets with purple-tinged hairs \’\’and glistening trichomes. It is higher in CBD than most strains st\’\’anding at around 20%.  Then CBG is also infused into the special sauce hemp flower nug to provide another bucket load of health benefits.

Special Sauce lays down for mental \’\’and physical relaxation \’\’and a therapeutic entourage effect ending with a sense of euphoria. It may be a little slower coming on after a few tokes, but it does last longer than other strains.

“Holiday Busy Madness” Last Words

Nothing bad about Christmas or other holidays, but it does seem that after you blow out the last c\’\’andle, everyone is so tired mentally \’\’and physically we just want to cry. Well, cry no more because after you dry vape one of these CBD hemp flowers or smoke one, relaxation will be what is mostly on your mind.

Along with purchasing your favorite Indica hemp strain, do not forget the accessories you’ll need to roll yourself a smoke. You need a grinder to grind the hemp flower for the hemp paper you will roll it in. If you prefer to dry vape, remember your vaporizer.

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