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hemp flowerThe Big 5 of Buying Indoor Grown Hemp Flowers

The Big 5 of Buying Indoor Grown Hemp Flowers

“The big 5 of buying indoor grown hemp flowers include things you want to know before you go shopping for your favorite CBD hemp flower. There are basically two ways to grow hemp \’\’and that is indoor \’\’and outdoor.”



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  • Offers The Best Smoke Experience
  • Better Appearance \’\’and Savors
  • No Contaminants
  • They Have More Terpenes
  • They are More Potent
  • The Last Nugget
  • Today’s Feature Post
  • Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”


There are reasons the hemp doctor chooses either indoor growth or outdoor growth. Some hemp flowers grow better indoors because they get more precise care \’\’and more monitored growing conditions like soil, light \’\’and temperature. Let’s look at 5 reasons you want to buy indoor grown hemp flowers.


Buying Indoor Grown Hemp Flowers — Offers the Best Smoking Experience

Indoor grown CBD flower is more potent, it offers greater purity, \’\’and it tastes, looks, \’\’and smells better than hemp that was grown outdoors. Connoisseur tastes will always look for the pristine indoor grown flower because of the “extra” it gives.


The big 5 of buying indoor grown hemp flowers includes considering the juicy, aromatic CBD bud out of a container, grinding it up, \’\’and smoking it wrapped in your favorite hemp paper or dry vaping using the Yocan Vaporizer. Indoor-grown CBD flower will taste better in your mouth, \’\’and it will be smoother going into your lungs \’\’and this is a good thing because you are “pampering” your lungs. Indoor hemp flower provides the most potent effects of relaxing more genuinely.


Buying Indoor Grown Hemp Flowers — Better Appearances \’\’and Savors

The indoor CBD flower has brighter colors than hemp flower that is grown outdoors. Outdoor-grown hemp may appear more weather-beaten while the indoor CBD flower reflects its pampered manicured care.


The big 5 of buying indoor grown hemp flowers is also about buying for the beautiful glisten in the light because of the extremely high concentrations of trichomes full of terpenes. The densely frosted hemp flowers most generally always grow indoors. This also is why the indoor grown flower has a richer aroma that you underst\’\’and in one single whiff.


Buying Indoor Grown Hemp Flowers — No Contaminants

Agrochemicals are not the only contaminants to be concerned about when you consider outdoor-grown CBD flower. There are also heavy metals \’\’and, in fact some agrochemicals contain heavy metals as well, so it is double contamination.  When heavy metals enter the soil, they can remain there for years.


The big 5 of buying indoor grown hemp flowers is definitely about now having to worry about contamination of any kind. Either with hydroponics or clean, organic soil, indoor hemp growers craft CBD flower cultivation environments that are impervious to heavy metal contamination.


The Big 5 of Buying Indoor Grown Hemp Flowers — They Have More Terpenes

The richness of the terpene profile signifies a happy hemp plant well cared for.  When there are fewer terpenes \’\’and less variety, there is definitely a decrease in flavor, aroma, \’\’and potency.  The big 5 of buying indoor grown hemp flowers includes these rich profiles because  the better the cannabinoid profile \’\’and the terpene profile, the more active Entourage Effect will take place. And terpenes are not only about savors \’\’and effect because the terpenes have an impact with health benefits as well.  Some specifically have anti-inflammatory properties, \’\’and others are antimicrobial.


Buying Indoor Grown Hemp Flowers — They are More Potent

The power of the sun is great but it is unreliable \’\’and that is not good for the consistent reliable results when growing hemp plants.  The best high yields occur when using indoor lighting. Artificial, spectrum-optimized lighting allows CBD flower cultivators to maximize the cannabinoid potency of their hemp plants. Outdoor-grown hemp flower can possess 15% CBD but indoor-grown can easily exceed 25% in CBD potency.  W


The Last


Indoor-grown CBD flower is naturally big, thick, \’\’and juicy. While outdoor-grown CBD flower buds might be longer due to the massive size of the average plant. Outdoor hemp flower producers trim less of the leaf off the buds. The leftover leaves make outdoor hemp flower look thicker \’\’and more robust than it actually is.


The big 5 of buying indoor grown hemp flowers includes the fact of the more exquisite flower that grows indoors, \’\’and the extra care provided by the farmer. Those CBD flower producers who grow their crops inside generally care more about the results they achieve \’\’and provide more tender loving care as well. Growing hemp flower indoors is usually more costly \’\’and it requires both dedication \’\’and attention to all the needs of the plant since watering \’\’and lighting is manipulated by the hemp farmer.



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