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CannabisThe Cannabis Family Plant Physiology

The Cannabis Family Plant Physiology

he cannabis family plant physiology may seem like a technical topic with really nothing to do with your use of hemp in whatever form you use it, but it does.  Botanically, hemp \’\’and marijuana are from the same species of plant, However, hemp \’\’and marijuana are “genetically distinct forms” of cannabis that are distinguished by their use \’\’and chemical composition \’\’and cultivation practices.

The Cannabis Family Plant Physiology – Delineating Between Hemp \’\’and Marijuana

While marijuana generally refers to the cultivated plant used as a psychotropic drug, hemp is cultivated for use in the production of a wide range of products, including  foods \’\’and beverages, personal care products, nutritional supplements, fabrics \’\’and textiles, paper, construction materials, \’\’and other manufactured \’\’and industrial goods. Hemp \’\’and marijuana also have separate statutory definitions in U.S. law.

Despite these differences, growing hemp has been restricted in the United States until 2018. The reason for this is because hemp is cannabis, so the legal “authorities” said it was the same as the other cannabis, marijuana. Hemp it was repeatedly put in the same classification even though physiologically it is different than marijuana.

Consequently, hemp’s association with marijuana placed its production under U.S. drug laws wherein all cannabis varieties, including hemp, were considered Schedule I controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act.

The Cannabis Family Plant Physiology – The Legal “Mumo-jumbo” Confusion

Since the late 1950s, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has strictly controlled \’\’and regulated hemp production. But prior to that, hemp in the United States was considered an agricultural commodity, \’\’and the USDA supported its production.

Today because of the Agricultural Act of 2014 \’\’and the 2018 Farm Bill, continues to be restricted by licenses \’\’and testing requirements. But marijuana, in the states where it is legal, are not regulated as far as the growing is concerned. The regulations on the growing of hemp is federal unless a state opts out of the federal program.

Marijuana is not legalized federally, only is a very few states. Consequently, the terms of farm policy \’\’and federal regulatory oversight is different for marijuana \’\’and hemp. The Food \’\’and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains oversight of hemp-derived consumer products for testing requirements.

The Cannabis Family Plant Physiology – The Differences Uncovered

Hemp \’\’and marijuana are different in specific ways:

  • statutory definitions \’\’and regulatory oversight;

These are specific \’\’and different because even though both are cannabis, physiology they are different. Hemp has a very small percentage of the cannabinoid THC which is the one that creates a psychoactive high.

Marijuana, the other branch of cannabis that has high percentages of THC \’\’and very low percentages of the other cannabinoid, CBD. The fact that these two branches have two separate legal rules \’\’and law is significant alone to prove the difference in the two branches of cannabis.

  • chemical \’\’and genetic compositions;

Some of the names of the different strains are the same, or nearly so in both hemp \’\’and marijuana. When searching for hemp flowers, include “hemp flower” after the name so you find the hemp flower rather than the marijuana flower. There are other chemical differences as well which does not need to be discussed here, simply know the two branches are very different.

  • production practices \’\’and uses;

You can use Marijuana medicinally, \’\’and recreationally, as well. What we hear about mostly is the recreational use. Many now have a marijuana medical card so they can purchase it for medical health conditions they have. Even if you use marijuana for medical purposes, the user will still experience the “high”. On the other h\’\’and, when you use hemp for chronic health conditions it is without the “high”. You can smoke or vape hemp recreationally but again, without the “high”.

The “Mumo-Jumbo” Last Words

Hemp came “into power” in 2014 when researchers started breeding \’\’and cross-breeding of strains to produce the best. But there are still many who confuse the two branches of cannabis – marijuana \’\’and hemp. Maybe the confusion is all right but think about all the people who are missing out on the health benefits of hemp because they think they will get the “high” that marijuana gives.

Last words are hemp is different than marijuana.

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