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cbdThe CBD Flower of it All

The CBD Flower of it All

The CBD flower is a cannabis bud that has the benefit of relaxation rather than the “out-of-their mind” high that comes as a result of high THC content.  The CBD-rich flowers contain benefits to reduce headaches from hangovers \’\’and for other reasons.

There are various strains of cannabinoids found in the CBD flower which contribute to the percentage of THC \’\’and CBD. The sativa strain \’\’and the indica strain may contain up to 25% THC. On the other h\’\’and, some cannabis growers specialize in the cannabinoid strains that have therapeutic benefits only.  That means that the THC is 0.3% or less \’\’and the CBD content will be higher. Since the CBD flower has such high levels of CBD, it can counteract the effects of a higher THC when that occurs.

Medicinal Property of the CBD

The CBD flower reduce symptoms of a number of diseases such as pain with arthritis, anxiety disorders, fibromyalgia \’\’and multiple sclerosis.

Smoking or vaping the CBD flower quickly delivers relief of acute symptoms. However, the benefits diminish for the individual with respiratory challenges. This caution is also for the elderly individual.

Calculating the CBD Dose

Just as with chemical medicinal options, the CBD flower will have a variety of strains which will affect the dosage for each individual. Besides, the ideal dose of CBD flower is different for each person. Each strain will have a different affect because of personal sensitivities.

A low dose is the usual recommendation when first starting  to discover what is most effective. There may be a unique high in connection with a higher THC content. The approach to buying \’\’and using CBD flower products is changing lanes to favor the higher CBD-rich flower that offers a delightful mellow experience.

Cannabis Enthusiasts vs CBD Flower Enthusiasts

The cannabis enthusiasts have a great respect \’\’and enjoyment of the smoking ritual. However, for those looking for the benefits \’\’and flavor but not the intoxication effect, now have the CBD flower to enjoy in an inhalant format or hemp pre-roll. The CBD flower harvest process is simple to preserve most of the naturally occurring cannabinoids \’\’and waxes.

The Uses of the CBD Flower

Some people are using the CBD flower in baking or cooking since CBD is fat soluble. This is a relatively simple way to create a CBD flower infused oil or butter.  For those who choose to consume the CBD flower in this manner, it is important to know that it will take longer to impact the body because it moves through the digestive system rather than when inhaling or rubbing a lotion on the skin or taken sub-lingually.

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