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cbdThe CBD Flower Option, What’s the Big Deal?

The CBD Flower Option, What’s the Big Deal?

“The CBD flower option is a big deal even in more ways than you might think so let’s take a tour of CBD flower.”  People are flocking to the hemp community today as its effectiveness broadens and the options also are multiplying. In the beginning tincture was basically the one and only product available besides the hemp flower nug.  And the tincture had no flavorings, so it had a bitter twang that was not so pleasant. But today we are discussing the CBD flower option and the products that may spring from it.

The first option is that the CBD flower is a full spectrum product. The advantage of that is that it is the least processed as well. The CBD cannabinoid as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes are not hype and neither is the CBD flower option.  It does make a difference, that is the bare facts. But there are reasons that it makes a different including reasons you may not know about. The CBD flower option is effective in relieving a great many chronic conditions including acute pain, life disrupting anxiety and a multitude of other conditions. That says nothing about the pleasure of smoking or vaping this extraordinary product.

Dr. Strains CBD Presents the Best in Hemp Flower Specials

Sour Jack Hemp Flower

Sour Jack hemp flowerpresenting the best CBD flower impacts the body to give rise to heightened motivation, increased productivity and enhanced creativity. As a daytime strain, Sour Jack is an ideal solution for helping you to push through the day with better performance.

Even though this hemp flower strain can put you in a dreamy state of mind, it is potent enough to lift you out of cognitive nuances that try to put a damper on your day.  It is a sativa dominant flower strains so provides fuel for you mentally and emotionally, so your creative side shows through brilliantly. The strain will keep you up and going for hours after its use so try it today at $24.99 for ¼ ounce.

Space Candy D8 Flower

IMG_7440Our Space Candy D8 flower deserves a try no later than today!  Here is the reason. The Space Candy not only is Infused with Delta 8, but it also has 10% CBD along with less than 1% of CBN and CBG. You are probably asking why this is important since the percentage is so low.

CBG is a cannabinoid that is quickly reaching the status of CBD with health benefits. These include its effects on pain and is proving itself to be an anti-bacterial agent and an anti-inflammatory proponent.

Presenting the best CBD flower also focuses on the terpene profile which provides results in enhanced effects on the customer.  Then on top of that, it gets an exquisite infusion of Delta 8 THC that gives additional protection from neurodegenerative diseases.  Try a 1/2 oz of our medium size buds now for only $31.99 and experience those effects for yourself.


Table of Content

  • Is it Hype or Does it Make a Difference?
  • The Mechanics of its Effectiveness
  • The Ways to Dose
  • “Summin’ it All Up”

The CBD Flower Option – Is it Hype or Does it Make a Difference

The CBD cannabinoid is an important cannabinoid, but it is also the most researched cannabinoid. As time passes there are more cannabinoids coming to light with new benefits but for now the king of them all is the CBD cannabinoid.  Its first amazing attribute is the fact that it knocks out chronic pain and sometimes reduces acute pain like it is a baseball.  There is no hype because it is all fact and truth to the point that the medical professionals have put CBD products into clinical trials to test all it will do.

Where it Goes

The CBD flower option is one of the most important when we consider hemp flower.  There are significant health benefits in a variety of situations. So the question is where does the CBD cannabinoid go? It goes directly to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in your body. The CBD Cannabinoid then starts interacting with the CB 2 receptors in the ECS to interrupt pain, anxiety, insomnia and so much more.

What it Does

So, the CBD cannabinoid interrupts pain, yes, that is what it does. Pain follows certain pathways and all along those pathways there are strategically placed CB receptors. When the CBD cannabinoid starts to interact with the CB receptors, pain is subdued, anxiety is quieted and insomnia fades into sleep. That sounds overly simplified, and that the CBD cannabinoid is magic. It is not magic, but it is effective when you find the method of dosing that works best in your body. The CBD cannabinoid balances the body systems that are off-kilter.

the CBD flower option

The CBD Flower Option – The Mechanics of its Effectiveness

Where the CBD flower goes in our body is the main reason for its effectiveness but there are other things like how you dose.  Also, another aspect to consider is the milligram of what CBD product you use. The CBD cannabinoid is effective so if you are not realizing positive results, retrace your steps to be sure you are taking what you thought you were taking.

Our body has endo-cannabinoids that are very much the same in composition as the hemp flower cannabinoids. The other component of the ECS is the CBD cannabinoid that interacts with the third component of the ECS which is the CB receptors. When healthy, the ECS sends out endo-cannabinoids to the CB receptors which keeps the body in balance and healthy. The CBD flower brings healing to the various body systems and gets them back in balance. 

The Advantage of Full Spectrum

The CBD flower option has the CBD cannabinoid in it, but the flower also has many other cannabinoids in it which are also effect. But terminology can be confusing so let’s take a look at it. We talk about CBD tincture, CBD oil capsules and on and on but to be clear, a more accurate thing to say is hemp extract. A full-spectrum product has all the cannabinoids in it and all the terpenes and all the other natural compounds. The hemp flower is full spectrum with little or no processing, but gummies and capsules and tinctures can also be full spectrum.

the CBD flower option

The CBD Flower Option – The Ways to Dose

The cannabinoid CBD is showing up everywhere in a variety of products and in higher content is hemp flower strains. It is gracing many products with its presence much to the delight of a variety of individuals and their health and recreational needs in the hemp community. I prefer this; you prefer that. But it may not be only about preference, however. The CBD flower option has topical products and may be the one that works best for you, but you brother or sister find best results from oral dosing.

The Smoke or Dry Vape Dosage

The CBD Cannabinoid is in the hemp flower which is what you smoke whether a hemp pre-roll or packed into the dry vaporizer. If you want to feel the effects quickly then you will no doubt, choose the smoking or dry vaping method of dosing. And you can roll your own hemp cigarette with the proper hemp papers and ground hemp flower. The CBD flower option will be from 18% potency up to 30% in every hemp flower.

The CBD flower option also includes oral products such as gummies, tinctures and capsules and many additional new products that have come in with the advent of Delta 8 cereal treats. Remember that many of the oral products with the CBD cannabinoid taken by mouth will pass through the digestive system so feeling the effects will be slower and with less potency.

Topical Dosing

The CBD cannabinoid will be in any of the topical hemp cream if it is isolate, broad or full spectrum. For some health conditions, the CBD-infused lotion is more effective than any other type of dosing.  The skin has its own ECS, and your skin is your largest organ, so it is widely received through the skin.  Part of the therapy of a CBD topical is that it is necessary to massage it into your skin.  This helps it to better penetrate the skin so that it can arrive at the skin’s ECS system.

The CBD flower option is a valuable part of the hemp inventory in any hemp store.  It holds the throne for effectiveness in such a great many of chronic health conditions. CBD has been more researched than the other cannabinoid and that is one reason we know so much about it. There are other important cannabinoids like CBG, CBN that have health benefits as well and research continues to progress.

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