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cbdThe CBD Hemp Flower Covid-19 Angle

The CBD Hemp Flower Covid-19 Angle

CBD hemp flower products are touted for a lot \’\’and varied health benefits. That is all true but as we have said before, CBD is not magic. The bottom line is that CBD hemp flower connects with the receptors that make up the Endocannabinoid System. It helps to restore the signals throughout the body to restore health, to diminish pain, to act as an anti-inflammatory agent \’\’and much more. Now we must look at CBD hemp flower Covid-19 angle.

Covid-19 is the word that has been on the lips of millions for the last six months. It is sad for the thous\’\’ands who have died during this time \’\’and those who continue to suffer symptoms. But let’s look at CBD \’\’and generally how it heals the body

CBD Hemp Flower Covid-19 Angle — Identifying the Attack 

With no treatment or cure or preventive FDA approved, many are looking elsewhere for answers.  CBD hemp flower covid-19 angle is now on the list of potential COVID-19 treatments. Researchers are starting to examine the cannabis terpenes \’\’and cannabis-derived cannabidiol (CBD) as an alternate.

First, some have theorized that CBD may be able to reduce Angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) \’\’and pro-inflammatory cytokine production. This is a bit technical, but the bottom line is that CBD may help combat lung inflammation \’\’and be also used as an antiviral. To make it simple, if you have read any number of the posts on the blog, you know that inflammation is one of the top acclamations for CBD is that it is an anti-inflammatory.

Researchers at Augusta University, Georgia propose that CBD could provide relief for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). This is a condition which the medical professionals are seeing in some patients with COVID 19. This is caused by an overactive inflammatory response to the virus.

CBD Hemp Flower Covid-19 Angle — Before Symptoms

As well as hearing much about Covid-19 over the last six months, we have also repeatedly heard how we can prevent contracting Covid-19 \’\’and strengthen our immune system. That is where CBD hemp flower covid-19 angle comes in. Our body is fearfully \’\’and wonderfully made \’\’and that includes our immune system. Because of disease \’\’and natural respiratory weaknesses, some individuals have a compromised immunity system.

So if you are still living in fear that you will contract Covid-19, there is something you can do to build up your defense response so that you can better fight off this virus. Medical authorities from various voices have said preventives are extra Vitamin C, D3, Elderberry \’\’and let’s add right here, CBD to help build your immunity.

CBD Interacts with the Immune System

The CBD hemp flower covid-19 angle includes looking at its anti-inflammatory properties which will help to reduce the immune systems inflammatory response. Hemp-based CBD oil is focused on shoring up your immunity so that it maintains a healthy inflammatory response, particularly in the lungs. CBD can regulate the function of the cytokines which are large groups of proteins secreted by specific cells in your immune system. This in turn regulates your body’s immunity, inflammation, \’\’and white blood cell production.

If you are just recently becoming aware of CBD hemp flower, here is the bottom line. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in hemp with a ton load of health benefits including the ability to maintain a balanced \’\’and healthy immune system. CBD supports a healthy inflammatory response in the lungs. It also improves lung function \’\’and assists with respiratory function.

CBD Hemp Flower Covid-19 Angle – Fighting for Health

Right now, is when you must consider CBD hemp flower covid-19 angle so you can begin your immune strengthening journey. Before you are sick with a stubborn virus \’\’and before inflammation takes over your body. CBD oil capsules \’\’and CBD infused gummies are two options you can order from Dr. Strains CBD today.

CBD Hemp Flower Covid-19 Angle — Flowers for Inflammation

Crawford CBG hemp flower fights inflammation, pain \’\’and nausea.  CBG shows benefits for the individuals suffering with either inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease.

The Elektra hemp flower strain provides quick relief \’\’and full-spectrum benefits of raw hemp flower combined with its near-instantaneous effects make it best for pain, inflammation, \’\’and anxiety.

Lifter Greenhouse Premium hemp flower’s therapeutic benefits extend to those looking for chronic pain relief from inflammations. It is non-intoxicating \’\’and imparts the refreshing citrusy terpene limonene that also enhances focus \’\’and concentration.

Sour Space C\’\’andy high-CBD hemp flower is spreading among those looking for another option to combat chronic pain, depression, panic attacks \’\’and the inflammation that goes along with pain.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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