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cbdThe Complete Guide — CBD Bud and Gut Inflammation of it All

The Complete Guide — CBD Bud and Gut Inflammation of it All

Inflammation is one of the primary conditions which is corrected with CBD dosing. On the other hand, the gut is where it happens or it doesn’t happen. You are only as healthy as your gut so let’s talk gut health. CBD bud and gut inflammation causes all kinds of problems in the entirety of your body. CBD bud helps to correct dysfunctions in the gut as well as then maintain normal gut function. Your gut is key to maintaining homeostasis in the body. And we know that CBD hemp bud is all over homeostasis.

CBD Bud and Inflammation – Not Just for Digestion Purposes

Your gut is not JUST for the purpose of digesting food. Trillions of organisms live in there, healthy and unhealthy. We talk about the cellular level and that is where inflammation begins with swollen cells. For this, the healing has to begin at the cellular level.  Did you also know that gut imbalance affects hunger signaling and stomach permeability?

CBD Bud and Inflammation – The “Gut Feeling” of it All

When was the last time you told your best friend, “This is my ‘gut feeling’?”  Maybe you thought that meant someone was having a premonition of sorts but let’s spin this a different way. Some call your gut, your second brain because there is a significant connection between your gut and your brain.

When do you get indigestion? Is your mind ever distressed, worried or anxious. How does your stomach turn cartwheels? When you’re excited, scared or apprehensive. Can’t poop when you’re stressed, right. It all tightens up down there when you are stressed about finishing as assignment, being caught in traffic or late to a meeting.

CBD Bud and Inflammation – The Immunity Headquarters

Did you know that 70% of your immune system is located in the GI tract? And did you know that it also contains CB1 and CB2 receptors. Just what a good dose of CBD oil or CBD hemp flower needs to start healing and restoring immune homeostasis. CBD bud activates the ECS and literally changes them to be more effective and thereby ramp up your immunity.

CBD Bud and Gut Inflammation —  Gut Motility

When the gut motility, the stretching and contractions of the GI tract muscles, moves food through the digestive process. Remember the mind and the gut, how they work together? Nerves or muscles in any portion of the gut dysfunction and cause diarrhea, constipation, cramping, bloating,Irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions. But to the rescue again is the ECS receptors.  As you consume CBD consistently, it heads to those receptors and start the healing process. CBD creates balance and quiet to the ECS receptors.

CBD and Inflammation – The ECS

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is supposed to keep the entire body in homeostasis or in health. But sickness happens, disease comes and leaves the body vulnerable and there are encounters with environmental factors to upset that balance. These imbalances cause inflammation, inflammation upsets the cell action then there is more inflammation resulting in a vicious circle.  Our bodies have natural endocannabinoids but inflammation disturbs what they are supposed to do. CBD bud oil or hemp bud nugs consumed have a way of interacting with our own ECS to promote healing. It does this by reshaping and reformatting the receptors so they “get the message” from the neurotransmitters that have gotten disrupted.

CBD in whatever form you choose to consume it is the effective way to bring balance back to your gut. Then when you get a “gut feeling”, it is telling you the truth, not giving you a false narrative about what is happening in your “selfie world”.

CBD Bud and Gut Inflammation — “Talkin’ Leaky”

Endocannabinoid receptors are throughout our body so that means they are all in your “gut stuff”. The job of these particular receptors is to regulate the presence of tight junctions. When the integrity of they tight junctions is compromised, guess what? There is leakage. Certain probiotic strains can help support this integrity but also can CBD bud in all of its varieties increase CB2 function and health. That is a healthy inflammatory response and that is what will heal the leaky gut.

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