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cbdThe Complete Guide — CBD Hemp Bud for Heart Disease

The Complete Guide — CBD Hemp Bud for Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the conditions that tops the list for Americans. In fact, diseases of the cardiovascular system are among the leading causes of death worldwide. The good news is that with a few changes in lifestyle, diet \’\’and exercise it can be turned around. Now we have one more natural compound CBD hemp bud — that may put a spring in your step particularly if you have heart disease or have a family trend that way.

The cardiovascular system includes the heart, lungs, \’\’and blood vessels. This system is responsible for transporting nutrients, hormones, \’\’and oxygen to cells via the bloodstream. Yes, the cardiovascular system is extremely important to the entire workings of the body. Consequently, when the cardiovascular system malfunctions, it affects so many parts of the body.

Cannabis CBD Hemp Bud

Cannabis to the rescue again!  One of the things that the 2018 Farm Bill put into action was limitless research on all the health benefits of cannabis hemp with high CBD. Already it has been proven that CBD hemp bud is an effective therapeutic agent for a host of health conditions. Cardiovascular disease is one of those.  So far, the evidence which research has uncovered has to do with the cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory \’\’and antioxidative effects.  These are the keys to its therapeutic action.

Cardiovascular \’\’and the Endocannabinoid System

Ok, here we go again, it’s all about those cannabinoids that either keep or put the body in a balance state, or homeostasis. When inflammation or disease creates havoc in our body, CBD hemp bud may give the all-important Endocannabinoid System a jump start to regular \’\’and balance everything.

Research, CBD Hemp Bud \’\’and Heart Disease

CBD, a cannabinoid from the cannabis plant, has already shown promise as a therapeutic for cardiovascular diseases. First, CBD’s anti-inflammatory \’\’and antioxidative properties have the potential to reduce risk factors that can lead to heart disease, like high blood pressure as well as strokes.

High blood pressure or Hypertension

This is a serious chronic condition that increases arterial blood pressure forcing the heart to work faster \’\’and under stress. Hypertension leads to atherosclerosis, stroke, \’\’and aortic aneurysm. 30% of American adults suffer from hypertension \’\’and it left untreated it has the potential to lead to worsen heart disease or failure, vascular disease or heart attacks.

Even though hypertension is at the top of the list for premature death globally but can be prevented. A dose of CBD hemp bud flowers both blood pressure \’\’and heart rate or in other words, it regulars what goes on in the body.  Research on cannabinoids shows a direct effect upon the vascular system.

CBD hemp bud is capable of inducing vasorelaxation or in simple language it is a reduction in the tension of blood vessel walls.  CBD is able to reduce resting blood pressure.  These points are important considering the fact that high blood pressure contributes to ischaemic heart disease.


Heart disease increases your risk of a stroke or an ischemic stroke. That is when a blood clot blocks blood flow to the brain. A blood vessel in the brain also has the ability to burst which creates a hemorrhagic stroke. Some research done in 2017 demonstrated that CBD may help protect stroke patients as well as boost brain function after a stroke.

Utilizing CBD Hemp Buds Products

Sublingual tincture CBD is probably the most common \’\’and it is relatively quick affect. it.  They also produce faster \’\’and stronger results than topical or edible products.

Since the FDA does not regulate CBD hemp bud products, it is important to do your own research before consuming the product. If you are on pharmaceuticals, you should talk to your doctor before taking CBD.  CBD is not FDA regulated so doctors may be hesitant to give their opinion however, doctors are very aware of the CBD hemp bud phenomena.

Be sure \’\’and purchase your CBD products from a reputable dispensary like Dr Strains that can display 3rd party testing that is laid out in a COA. Unfortunately, a high percentage of products are mislabeled \’\’and do not accurately say the CBD concentration is.

“Complete Guide” Last Words

It may seem like CBD is a miracle remedy. It is a very effective natural compound that balances an “out of whack” body. Start with a small dose of CBD \’\’and do not give up if the results you are hoping for does not happen first time around. Try various CBD hemp bud strains to see which is best for your particular body.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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