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cbdThe Complete Health Guide — CBD and Your Most Important Organ – The Liver

The Complete Health Guide — CBD and Your Most Important Organ – The Liver

You may be thinking that CBD and your most important organ would be about your heart. And while you are partly right as it is very important, we are talking about your liver today. The liver may not be discussed as often as other organs because it seems of secondary importance. It is not secondary in nature and has more to do with our overall health than you may know. So here we go, havin’ the “liver talk.”



  • The Duties of the Liver
  • What Happens When the Liver Goes “Off Line”
  • CBD Hemp Flower to the Rescue
  • “Most Important” Last Words
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CBD and Your Most Important Organ — The Duties of the Liver

The liver, the largest organ in the body, is located below the diaphragm in the right upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity. It weighs about 3 pounds and is between the right 5th rib to the lower border of the rib cage. It is responsible for many vital functions which are primarily:

  • Bile production and excretion,
  • Processes drugs,
  • Metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates,
  • Activates enzyme,
  • Storage of vitamins and minerals,
  • Responsible for clotting factors,
  • Blood detox and purification.

Because of the variety of these “duties, the liver is exposed to abuse and is one organ most subject to injury.

CBD and Your Most Important Organ — What Happens When the Liver Goes “Off Line”

When your liver goes “off line”, or in other words becomes compromised in some way with alcohol abuse, obesity and type 2 diabetes, then it cannot perform optimally. If you get a tattoo and sterilization is not the best, it can be the cause of liver problems. Sharing needles with others when engaging in street drug use can also be a cause for your liver to be compromised.  Other organs can also be affected as well. The liver is one of the more vitally important organs in your body so it is also one that you may want to tend to with most care.

CBD and your most important organ have the potential of intervening in any one of these situations to better it or at least mitigate the problem particularly when inflammation is the instigator. Hepatic inflammation is a common trigger of liver disease. It is, in fact, considered to be the main driver of hepatic tissue damage which can then trigger the progression from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to more severe liver disease.

As we know, inflammation causes a great many dysfunctions in the body particularly as we age. The relationship between liver disease and an excessive immune response will result in aggravating liver inflammation and eventually disease progression. It is very important to attempt to mitigate the excessive immune response. And guess what? We are privy to what can help to mitigate immune responses that create inflammation. That’s right CBD hemp buds.

CBD and Your Most Important Organ — CBD Hemp Flower to the Rescue

The CBD in hemp has anti-inflammatory properties which will help to reduce the immune systems inflammatory response.  Hemp-based CBD oil is focused on shoring up you immunity so that it maintains a healthy inflammatory response particularly in the lungs. CBD can regulate the function of cytokines which are large groups of proteins secreted by specific cells in your immune system. This in turn regulates your body’s immunity, inflammation, and white blood cell production.

CBD and your most important organ, the liver must look at these particular flowers for they high anti-inflammatory qualities.

  • NY CB Diesel is a strain high in alpha-pinene and beta-myrcene. Both these terpenes alleviate inflammation and great for pain relief in order to keep powering on.
  • Elektra CBD Hemp flower is outstanding as an anti-inflammation agent. It has a high terpene profile that provides a unique earthy smell with hints of pine, wood, citrus. It is also particularly helpful for those with asthma.
  • CBG Infused Special SauceThis unique combination with the extra dose of infused CBG makes it a particularly great hemp flower for inflammation.

Then if you do not like to smoke or dry vape you can dose with CBD-infused gummies or CBD oil capsules to get your supply of CBD to battle that inflammation.

“Most Important” Last Words

The liver may be the most important organ in our body and one we cannot live without, however, most of us want to be healthy rather than plagued with chronic illnesses and pain. CBD hemp flower in many different forms has a pretty good track record of re-balancing your body so everything works better and with less pain and discomfort.


“Some Excitement About Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds”

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