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cbdThe Complete Health Guide — CBD Bud and Lung Inflammation

The Complete Health Guide — CBD Bud and Lung Inflammation

CBD bud and lung inflammation deserve serious consideration because in an interesting way they are connected. First, let’s look at what lung inflammation is. Pneumonitis refers generally to inflammation of lung tissue. Pneumonia is one type of pneumonitis because that infection or bacteria causes inflammation. The difference is that pneumonitis refers more to noninfectious causes of lung inflammation.

CBD Bud and Lung Inflammation – What is Lung Inflammation About

Airborne irritants at job, from materials used in a hobby or even some types of cancer treatments and many drugs can cause pneumonitis. One of the main symptoms is difficulty breathing and a dry cough, but it is usually a non-specific substance that causes inflammation.  Pneumonitis causes may include:

  • Drugs including some antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs as well as drugs used to regulate heartbeat. Even an overdose of aspirin can cause pneumonitis. Radiation therapy to any part of the chest, breast or lung can also be a trigger to pneumonitis.
  • Molds and bacteria – Mold can cause a lot of problems for a many people because it can invade the walls of your home almost unnoticed. Being close to a moldy environment can also trigger inflammation in the lungs.

CBD Bud and Lung Inflammation – What Happens When the “Signal Drops”

It is a well-known fact that one of the strong suits of CBD in whatever form, is particularly effective with inflammation.  There may be more than one reason for this.  But the main one is that the body is out of balance and clashing, it causes inflammation. It all goes back to the Endocannabinoid System that we all have in our body. Life our cell phone, the signal is dropped between all the CB receptors. When the signal is dropped in our body, there is discord.

The “signal drops” because disease damages our body, environmental pollutants act as an irritant and many other causes. We eat unhealthy food that taxes our body’s digestion system and burdens our immunity. So that is why the “signal drops”.

CBD Bud and Lung Inflammation – CBD “Restores the Signal”

All the cannabinoids in hemp interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in our body. Some said that CBD and other cannabinoids “bind” to the CB2 receptors of the ECS.  That is inaccurate. Hemp cannabinoids “interact” with the CB2 receptors so that the signal is restored and the signal comes through strong and clear from the brain. This is when healing happens.  There are CB2 receptors scattered throughout our body, in our organs, in all our different systems of bones, blood cardio and respiratory.

CBD bud and lung inflammation can be impacted when CBD and all the other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, etc start restoring the signal then healing begins. CBD is a natural compound. So, unlike pharmaceutical drugs, you will not “instantly” feel better. It may take awhile.

CBD Bud and Lung Inflammation – The Best Strains for Inflammation

There are many things about the hemp flower that can have a health impact. CBD bud and lung inflammation is one advantage for this amazing flower.

  • NY CB Diesel is a strain high in alpha-pinene and beta-myrcene. Both these terpenes alleviate inflammation and great for pain relief in order to keep powering on.
  • Elektra CBD Hemp flower is outstanding as an anti-inflammation agent. It has a high terpene profile that provides a unique earthy smell with hints of pine, wood, citrus. It is also particularly helpful for those with asthma. ELEKTRA IS ON SALE THIS WEEK!
  • CBG Infused Special SauceThis unique combination with the extra dose of infused CBG makes it a particularly great hemp flower for inflammation.

CBD Bud and Lung Inflammation – The Best Terpenes for Inflammation

So why are we talking about terpenes? CBD bud and lung inflammation involve terpenes because they not only have savors but health benefits as well. These terpenes are especially beneficial against inflammation:

  • Alpha-Pinene — Has benefits as an anti-inflammatory compound and can help respiratory flow by dilating the bronchial tubes and kills bacteria.
  • Beta-Myrcene – This terpene acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and is useful for inducing sleep.
  • Limonene – This is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce stress and alleviate inflammation and stimulate your immunity.
  • Linalool – This is a relaxing terpene used for anxiety and pain but is also effective to regulate breathing and reduce inflammation.

“Inflammation” Last Words

CBD bud and inflammation is something that should be considered when looking at health conditions benefiting from CBD products. CBD as well as all the other cannabinoids and therapeutic terpenes are tremendously important for all forms of inflammation.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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