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cbdThe Complete Health Guide — CBD Flower Considers Type 2 Diabetes

The Complete Health Guide — CBD Flower Considers Type 2 Diabetes

When CBD flower considers Type 2 Diabetes it is looking at approximately 1 in 10 Americans who have been diagnosed.  It is one of the most common conditions which individuals have in todays world of eating so many foods with a high glucose content. The condition also stems from eating so many carbs as well.

Next, obesity is so prevalent today that it is also more dominant in those who are carrying extra weight around.  Considering this, Type 2 Diabetes is one of the conditions that carries with it so many possibilities of reversing. Change the diet, lose weight \’\’and start moving more can greatly change your glucose numbers.

CBD Considers Type 2 Diabetes – What is it Anyway?

Type-2 Diabetes is caused when your cells develop a resistance to the insulin in your bloodstream or some refer to it as an insulin resistant condition. Insulin, a hormone secreted by your pancreas, is secreted when your blood glucose goes up like after you’ve eaten. In a healthy individual. The insulin then binds with receptors on your cells so that the glucose can be absorbed \’\’and used as energy for those cells.

If insulin resistance continues then the pancreas overworks to the point of it becoming damaged. When the pancreas is damaged, the insulin production decreases.  This leaves too much glucose in your bloodstream.

Now here is something very interesting. Scientists now believe that inflammation has a big part to play in the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Why is this interesting? Because this inflammation starts long before you actually are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. So it is a chronic condition in the body. Even though inflammation comes from many sources like stress, diet, lifestyle \’\’and even genetics, CBD hemp flower always has inflammation at the top of the list of things it will regulate if given a chance.

CBD Hemp Flower Considers Type 2 Diabetes – The Endocannabinoid System

CBD supports, regulates \’\’and interacts with your endocannabinoid system. It is responsible for restoring balance through all your systems by establishing the signal from your brain to all of your body systems. It is recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties \’\’and it is also responsible for providing support to our immune system. And yes, inflammation \’\’and our immune system are interrelated.

CBD hemp flower considers Type 2 Diabetes but so are the scientists even though it is not a recognized pharmaceutical compound. They now believe that CBD may help decrease the condition of “insulin resistance” in our cells.

CBD Hemp Flower Considers Type 2 Diabetes – Stress, Anxiety \’\’and Life-Style

Stress, anxiety \’\’and work-overload are everywhere in our society today so it is important to figure out how to cope, reduce or engage it or else you will burn out in a big way. When CBD hemp flower considers type 2 diabetes it is also considering the fact that it has a great track record to help decrease stress \’\’and anxiety. Both stress \’\’and anxiety are guilty of causing inflammation. Yes, sometimes it seems our bodies engage in a vicious circle of working against us.

The solution in many cases is CBD. But since there are many “fake vendors” trying to sell a product below state required testing requirements, make sure your product has accompanying 3rd party testing for potency \’\’and purity. CBD also is

  • Water-soluble, easily digested \’\’and absorbed for effective \’\’and reliable results
  • Made with organic vegetable glycerin
  • Made with no added sugars or sweeteners; naturally sweet \’\’and delicious.

 The prevalence of cannabis hemp use increased by 340 percent among people with diabetes from 2005 to 2018 in a recent study.

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