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cbdThe Complete Health Guide — CBD Hemp Flower Tackles Autoimmune Disorders

The Complete Health Guide — CBD Hemp Flower Tackles Autoimmune Disorders

CBD hemp flower tackles autoimmune disorders could be good news for a multitude of individuals who daily struggle with any number of autoimmune conditions.

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CBD Hemp Flower Tackles Autoimmune Conditions – The Definition of it All

An autoimmune disorder causes your immune system to mistakenly attack your own body.  The immune system is a network throughout your body that is supposed to guard your body against bacteria \’\’and viruses. When these foreign invaders enter your body, the immune system sends an army of fighter cells to attack \’\’and destroy them.  The immune system is intelligent \’\’and so can tell the difference between foreign cells \’\’and your own body cells.

CBD Hemp Flower Tackles Autoimmune Disorders – How it Acts

However, when something gets out of balance, diseased or out of rhythm with the rest of the body, the immune system turns on itself.  Or in CBD hemp terminology, the endocannabinoid system drops the signal, \’\’and the body loses its homeostasis. So when CBD hemp flower tackles autoimmune disorders, homeostasis has a chance to return.  For autoimmune disorders, the immune system is out of balance \’\’and thus mistakes your joints or skin or other parts as foreign \’\’and releases autoantibodies to attack healthy cells.

CBD Hemp Flower Tackles Autoimmune Disorders – Its Genealogy

An autoimmune disorder may target only one organ or like systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), it can affect the entire body.  It is often genetic so the predisposition for an autoimmune disorder runs in families. Women are more likely to develop this disorder than men by 2 to 1. Some autoimmune disorders are also more prevalent is certain ethnic groups. It often attacks women during their child-bearing years.

There are three factors that meet in a “perfect storm” as autoimmune disorders set in. They are:

  • Genetics
  • Environmental factors
  • Gut dysbiosis (inflammation imbalance)

As we know, CBD hemp flower has its creds when it comes to inflammation \’\’and imbalance. So it is only natural that this is the direction we will turn today. Genetics are powerful \’\’and something that it is harder to overcome because it is in our genetic makeup.

Environmental factors are challenging because they are everywhere, \’\’and it is hard to avoid living in the environment. Gut inflammation imbalance is something that develops over time \’\’and is something that we have the knowledge \’\’and tools to either prevent or correct.

What the Medical Professionals Say

Doctors do not know the why of autoimmune disorders. Researchers are continually looking to see the reason for why the immune system turns on the body. Some of the ideas that researchers are toying with is that autoimmune disorders have their roots in environmental factors or the lack of exposure to germs \’\’and infections so the immune system can build up its defenses.

Other possible causes are the high fat, high sugar \’\’and highly processed foods that we eat daily. They have their part to play in breaking down our defenses \’\’and compromising our immunity as well as other body systems. Then on top of that the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) loses the signal so it has no way to tell the CB2 receptors to release our natural endocannabinoids.

CBD Hemp Flower Tackles Autoimmune Disorders – CBD to the Rescue!

CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties helping to calm down an overactive immune response or an inaccurate immune response. In other words, it quiets the cytokine storms that often happen when environmental factors, virus or bacterium enters the body \’\’and cause disarray.

The main focus in treating or correcting autoimmune disorders is to treat the inflammation \’\’and also to strengthen the immune system so it can do its job more effectively The only treatment the medical world has come up with have so many negative side effects that they are ineffective.

All the cannabinoids in the hemp flower act as a key to unlock the door that allows communication between the body \’\’and the immune system. This communication is necessary to shift the immune system into drive rather than a state of overdrive. These cannabinoids settle the fight against your healthy cells, restores the signal so the ECS can send the correct message.

“Tackling Process” Last Words

That is a fairly accurate phrase when considering how CBD hemp flower tackles autoimmune disorders. The tackling process takes longer with some conditions \’\’and for different individuals. It also depends on how “off kilter” the body has become. If it is genetic, it is possible it is more difficult because it will be in your DNA but not impossible.

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