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cbdThe Complete Health Guide — CBD Hemp Flower Talks Balance with the Diabetic

The Complete Health Guide — CBD Hemp Flower Talks Balance with the Diabetic

CBD hemp flower talks balance with the diabetic and it has a lot to say and also to do. Come join the conversation.  Glucose complications are some of the most common imbalances in the body among Americans of all ages. It is also one of the “simple”, not necessarily easy but nonetheless simple that one can change. Diet, exercise, and weight loss all have a bearing on this particular complication. Out of control glucose can be deadly or it can remain on the borderline of worsening, so it is nothing to take lightly.



  • The Pancreas and Glucose
  • CBD, The Great Regulator
  • Consistency Always Applies
  • “Glucose” Last Words
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CBD Hemp Flower Talks Balance with The Diabetic — The Pancreas and Glucose

The pancreas is an organ that serves two vital purposes:

  • to aid food digestion by creating digestive enzymes to be released into the small intestine;
  • to produce hormones to control levels of energy in the blood.

 The pancreas, a large six-inch gland, lies alongside the stomach and the small bowel. It is interestingly divided into a head, a body and a tail.

 The pancreas produces hormones in its ‘endocrine’ cells that monitor what is happening in the blood and release hormones directly into the blood when they sense a person’s glucose levels. Insulin then is released so the body can lower the blood glucose level \and stash excess sugar in the fat, muscle, liver, etc. for use at a later time for energy. This is the reason for the pancreas’ close proximity to the stomach. This way it can release digestive enzymes into the small intestine to break food down.

Between meals, the pancreas does not produce insulin so the body can gradually release stores of energy back into the blood as needed.

CBD Hemp Flower Talks Balance to the Diabetic – What Goes Wrong?

The cells in the pancreas do not make enough insulin by:

  • ceasing to work altogether or
  • become inefficient in their work.

In either case, whether Type 1 diabetes mellitus or Type 2 diabetes mellitus, the pancreas becomes ineffective at its job. Type 1 diabetes mellitus happens when the body’s immune system attacks its own cells so the cells cannot produce insulin. On the other hand Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder where the body is no longer able to produce or respond to insulin. Gestational diabetes may happen when a woman is pregnant.

CBD Hemp Flower Talks Balance to the Diabetic – CBD, The Great Regulator

Diabetes is a serious condition and can cause a lot of peripherical physical conditions. Diabetes is also something that comes under the purview of a body that is out of balance. What do we know about restoring balance or homeostasis?  Well, of course, it is CBD hemp flower.

When the pancreas stops making insulin, it is a perfect opening for inflammation to creep in. Inflammation in the cells causes a lot of damage and whatever is wrong, it only gets worse when inflammation does its nasty work. So, anything that you can do to bring down the volume on inflammation.

No matter which hemp flower you use, its characteristic is anti-inflammatory because it is mostly about CBD more than other cannabinoids. However, there are some terpenes that are particularly effective when dealing with inflammation.

When you are choosing your hemp flower strain, find one with one or more of these terpenes as they are particularly good for inflammation.

  • Myrcene
  • Bisabolol
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Caryophyllene

Ceiba, Purple Panties, and NY CBDiesel are all strong flowers to help with the elimination of inflammation and restore homeostasis to your body.  Other hemp buds strong in limonene which is also good for counteracting inflammation are:

  • Elektra
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Frosted Lime

CBD Hemp Flower Talks Balance to the Diabetic – Consistency Always Applies

Consistency is always the name of the game. If you expect CBD to magically correct your glucose problems while you continue eating badly, remaining overweight, and refusing to exercise, you may very well not see the resolution you want.

Taking personal responsibility to make life changes continues to be of top priority because the natural course of the human body is to deteriorate and becoming out of balance. My dad used to say that if given a chance, the body can largely heal itself. But you know about CBD hemp flower which can give your body that extra boost down the road to healing.

“Glucose” Last Words

To repeat, CBD hemp flower in whatever form you consume it is not magic. It is not a cure-all even though it may seem like it is. CBD and all the other natural compounds in the hemp flower do have one thing that they are masterful at.  That is regulating and balancing your body’s systems so that they operate more efficiently.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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