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hempThe Crystals of it All — Trichomes

The Crystals of it All — Trichomes

The crystals of it all are also called trichomes, the set of fine crystalline hairs, are not always visible to the naked eye. But when the CBD hemp flower is dense with ripe ones, they are potent, of high-quality and delicious.  The cannabinoid ingestion of cannabis, THC and CBD contributes to the affects you feel or have. While the terpenes, terpenoids, and trichomes, also other cannabinoids impacting your feelings, senses and body functions. So, to get complicated for a minute! Terpenes and terpenoids are the same but they are different because of an oxygen rearrangement in the later.

The most important thing to know about terpenes is that they are not just one thing. They are aroma and flavors, but they are also potent with health benefits. This means that terpenes are important to recreational hemp users as well as to those who consume hemp for health benefits. It is not only the cannabinoids that render health benefits like pain mitigation, anti-anxiety properties and is an anti-inflammatory agent among many others.

Dr. Strains CBD Celebrates Hemp Flower Specials

Hemp FlowerCannibeast HHC Noire Disposables!

Are you a fan of Rock & Roll? Or are you a fan of spooky things? Well, these Cannibeast HHC Noire Disposables may be for you! Our friends at Cannibeast always come through with not only top of the line artwork, but top of the lines flavors. Packed full of terpenes, each hit is guaranteed most flavorful then any before the last. Each package comes with a QR code that gives you an authentic product lab result.  Cannibeast HHC Noire Disposables come in six strains:

  • Black Panther Lemondade – Indica
  • Dr. Diesel – Hybrid
  • Granddaddy Purple – Hybrid
  • Jack Herer – Sativa
  • Laughing Buddha – Sativa
  • Zkittlez – Indica

IMG_20220322_163531_Bokeh_3King Palm CBD+CBG Pre Roll

If you’re looking to try CBG flower, try our newest King Palm CBD+CBG Pre Roll brought to you by Dr. Hemp. This King Palm CBD+CBG Pre Roll is slow burning. Squeeze the filter to unleash a flavorful berry blast. King palm wraps are 100% natural, and contain zero nicotine.  Each pre roll contains 1 gram, each pack contains 2 pre rolls. These are particularly potent with two of the best cannabinoids in hemp in them — CBD and CBG. And they are on sale @ $4.99!

The Crystals of it All — Trichome Hairs

Trichomes are growths of hair on the hemp plant that resembles the look of mushrooms. They are the flavor and aroma that help distinguish between the various strains of hemp. This is the flavor ant the aroma that you enjoy when consuming or inhaling hemp. These tiny hairs emerge from the buds, the stalks, the stems, and the leaves. These trichomes, though tiny, have a stalk which holds the head up. The head is all the cannabinoids form including THC and CBD.  The trichome is vital to the maturing of the hemp plant.

The trichomes protect the plant from various environmental threats including wild animals. The bitter taste is to put forth the idea that the plant is toxic.  These microscopic crystal-covered hairs house a microscopic manufacturing facility that produce the active ingredients in any cannabis plant.  They create the sticky resin that binds to your fingers when handling top-shelf hemp.

The Crystals of it All — Ocean Grown and Terpenes

The hemp strains with “OG” attached to the name stands for Ocean Grown and you will find buds stacked thick and tall with trichomes. When cannabis plants are grown close to the ocean or “ocean grown” one of the protections the trichomes provide the plant is covering from the salt ocean air.  The resulting potent, sticky and frosty bud provides quite a treat for the user.

The hemp plant is amazing on all counts and is definitely an environmental marvel. It needs all aspects of the environment and in fact, grows differently in different environments. When it grows close to the ocean then the trichomes are thicker and taller.  They are also of a stickier quality. When the hemp plant is grown inside it may not have these thick terpenes, but it has other valuable unique characteristics.

The Crystals of it All — Types and Functions of Terpenes

The role of the trichomes role depends on what type of trichome it is \’\’and where they are located on the plant.  Generally speaking, however, these leaf hairs lower plant temperature to protect it from UV rays \’\’and loss of hydration.  All three types of trichomes produce cannabinoids but one produces the most. Which one is it?

  • Bulbous – This type is smaller but found all across the plant \’\’and consisting few cells so have less impact but necessary for the cannabis plant.
  • Capitate sessile – This type is found around the head of the plant, are the most moderate of the three \’\’and substantially bigger.
  • Capitate-stalked – Produces the most cannabinoids for oil harvesting in \’\’and around the calyxes of budding flowers.

As the plants start the flowering stage, trichome production increases significantly. In the last two weeks the trichomes will start turning cloudy \’\’and milky white.  Trichomes happened to be one of the best indicators on when to harvest the plant. As the plant matures they become amber to dark red. It is considered harvest time when 70 to 80% of the trichomes are amber color.

The Crystals of it All — The Sum Total of it All

Crystals are so very important to the hemp plant and in particular to the hemp flower nug. When a hemp flower nug is stick, that is a particular sign of the amount of terpene filled crystals. The hemp flower has a unique all its own made up of color, shape and stickiness. You may want to consume the hemp flower for the effects it provides you, but another hemp lover vapes it for its savors. Yet another sees only the health benefits it has. All are right and all have their own point of reference that has value to them.

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