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hemp flowerThe Culture of Hemp Flower Vaping

The Culture of Hemp Flower Vaping

“The culture of hemp flower vaping may be considered as a new aspect for the hemp community, but it is a fun option.” Vaping hemp flower has recreational purposes and that is all some are interested in. It provides the vape option to enjoy savors similar to marijuana but never the psychoactive effect. But if you want to know what the other important purpose is, it is better health benefits.

The vape option delivers the savors to you differently than smoking a hemp pre-roll does.  It is good news for those who have sensitive respiratory systems.  It’s about steam or vapor vs smoke.  In any case, whether you vape or smoke you have the advantage of pulmonary administration, the fastest of the dosing methods.

Dr. Strains “Falls” Into Specials 

evolve-d dry herb penYocan Vaporizers

Looking for an odorless way to smoke your dry flower? Dr. Strains CBD is introducing Yocan Vaporizers that will allow you to vaporize your hemp flower.  The colors we have are:
  • Green
  • Black
  • Rainbow

Our Yocan vaporizers are the perfect choice for customers who are looking to smoke their flower more discretely. The flower that is left in the chamber can also be used for edibles or oil extraction so there is NO WASTE!


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  • Considering the Reason to Vape
  • Identifying the Dry Vape Option
  • Identifying the Liquid Vape Option
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When smoking nicotine became such a health hazard, the vape option of an alternate substance less damaging to the respiratory system. But the liquid has to be of the right ingredients, or it is dangerous. However, we are not talking about nicotine except that it launched the vaping scene.  For you to engage in the culture of hemp flower vaping, there are some interesting things and some specific safety items you will need to know. These are some of the items we will be discussing.  

The culture of hemp flower vaping may be a newcomer to the hemp community, but it is greatly effective for more than one reason. Dr. Strains CBD store has a varied inventory of all things vaping for dry vaping and liquid vaping.

Culture of hemp flower vaping

Culture of Hemp Flower Vaping – Characteristics of Hemp Flower to Vape

When choosing the hemp flower strain to dry vape there are a few items to take note of. Examine the flower for the density of the fine drops of resin on the tiny leaves. The more there are, the more “zen flavorful” experience is awaiting you. If you have not yet decided your favorite cannabis hemp aromas and flavors.  Study the savors and you will, no doubt, have to experiment before finding the savors that “hit the spot”.  The culture of hemp flower vaping is broad and deep, and it is growing day by day because the hemp flower strains are multiplying.

When you dry vape, your experience embraces a full and intricate combination of aromas and flavors while smoke sometimes belabors a harsh taste.  Continue to experiment because you never know when you will find a new favorite from a new strain.

All Those Flowers to Dry Vape

There are many strains that are particularly savory to vape, even more so than smoking sometimes. Let’s look at some of the best hemp flower strains to vape so that when you decide to try the dry vape, you will have this information at your fingertips.  Remember that you do have to grind the flower so you will want to make a purchase of a grinder. Dr. Strains has a variety of grinders in their inventory so check it out when you finish reading this post.

El Jefe is an indoor hemp flower that is potent and effective with a 14% of CBD.  This is an evening strain as it calms, quiets and provides a total body relaxation.  The next flower to dry vape is the Sour Apple hemp flower which is a Cannabis Sativa L.

The Sour Apple CBD hemp flower is Sativa L. with almost 16% CBD content. Since it is a Sativa strain, it is a daytime flower strain that provides motivation and mental clarity.  This strain is also great to vape on a Friday even with friends to lend itself to feelings of more social interaction.

culture of hemp flower vaping

culture of hemp flower vaping

Culture of Hemp Flower Vaping – Considering the Reason to Vape

There may be multiple reasons to vape rather than smoke or rather than swallowing an oil capsule or chewing up a CBD infused capsule. Someone may like the savors more from a vape than from smoking because they are different. Or someone may decide they like the vaping because it is not as conspicuous or obvious as it is to smoke a hemp pre-roll.

But there is one reason that is more likely than all the others and it has to do with health sensitivities, and it is also most doctor’s preference ahead of smoking. Next, we will discuss this reason and why it is so important to you and to your doctor in regard to lung health.

The Culture of Hemp Flower Vaping Offers Lung Relief 

When people smoke the hemp pre-roll or a hemp cigarette, they roll themselves, it is delivered to the lungs as something burnt. If you have sensitive lungs or respiratory sensitivities, this may bother you by irritating your lungs with this burnt substance.

Because of this, the culture of hemp flower vaping includes the vape option so that the individual can still enjoy the aromas and flavors of hemp. When you pack the ground hemp flower into the one compartment of the dry vaporizer, you will then fill another compartment with water. You can fill these two compartments and flip the switch to heat up the water. When it’s ready, you can start vaping the hemp savors will be delivered to your lungs as steam rather than something burnt.

Culture of Hemp Flower Vaping – Identifying the Dry Vape Option

There are two types of vaping and the liquid vape is no doubt the one mostly used. Since vaping became popular in the era of high awareness of the negatives of nicotine, many started vaping as an alternate. Now with the advent of hemp flower and the options to smoke or vape it are more popular than even.

The Equipment of it All

You need a vaporizer especially designed for dry herb. A decent one will run you about $79 – $99. Read the directions carefully so that you get the best effects from your vaping experience. As explained above, there are two compartments in the dry vaporizer, one to heat water and one to pack in the dry hemp flower. then a switch to turn it on. The heating element heats up the water to a set temperature then it is ready to start vaping.

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Culture of Hemp Flower Vaping – Identifying the Liquid Vape Option 

CBD Vape Carts may be a new phenome in these days of hemp dominance.  We have heard of deaths recently related to vaping incidents, but all CBD vape products are not created equal.  There are differences in vape pods, cartridges, etc. so be sure and choose one that is the right composition of liquids so as not to damage your lungs. CBD isolate vape pods which are unsafe are those containing:

  • MCT oil (causes lipoid pneumonia and potentially fatal.)
  • PG (A petroleum product unsafe to inhale in a vapor.)
  • VG – (A highly-refined vegetable oil unsafe for inhalation.)
  • Artificial additives
  • CBD isolate

The culture of hemp flower vaping is the launch board of many different products that enhance the vaping experience.  Live resin CBD extract contains higher percentages of terpenes, because as the hemp flower matures.  CO2-extracted live resin CBD vape cartridges are the safest vape products on the market.

“Summin’ it All Up”

{Keyword 11} The culture of hemp flower vaping is growing as the hemp community expands. Study the smells that the hemp flower is known for, then you will know what to expect in your dry vape experience or even better. Sometimes the vape experience has even a broader profile of savors.


Vaping is not as much of an irritant because “the burning” does not happen when vaping. The hemp flower is merely “vaporized” rather than “burnt” so this has added fuel to the culture of hemp flower vaping.

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Dr. Strains Product Promotions 

zkittlescbd-600x450Zkittlez Hemp Flower at $24.99$41.99

Zkittlez hemp flower has rapidly become a fan-favorite in the last few years. Our Zkittlez is Greenhouse grown, offering nothing but the best quality of an Indica flower that will not leave you feeling like a couch potato.  CBD flower lover’s tools need the right kind of hemp flower and this strain is the exact one you need. Zkittlez is a breed from a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, providing the user a flavorful fruity experience. Although an Indica, Zkittlez is a great strain to use to relax during any time of the day.


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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. We purchase all our CBD hemp flower from these small hemp farms because of the extra attention and care that they indulge on each hemp plant that they grow.  This type of care makes for a more precisely trimmed flower nug as well as better cannabinoid and terpene profiles. These are the hemp flower nugs that Dr. Strains CBD keeps in their inventory.  Check out our online shop or contact us for more information and to read more blogs, click here.


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