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cbdThe Devil is in the Details — CBD Hemp Flower COA

The Devil is in the Details — CBD Hemp Flower COA

CBD hemp flower industry has risen fast with cultivators creating a great many new strains in a short amount of time. Everyone is eager to become part of the hemp community \’\’and enjoy all the benefits medicinally \’\’and recreationally. It has swiftly risen to a staple in our pantry \’\’and a unique variety on our recreational list. There is another aspect \’\’and the one that needs to be seriously considered is that of CBD hemp flower COA.

Before the 2018 Farm Bill

Even before the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp federally, there were several states which had legalized it in a limited fashion when it was in connection with a state university research department. This gave a head start with important information about how to grow hemp, produce a viable flower strain as well as delving into the testing procedures. The CBD hemp flower COA st\’\’ands for Certificate of Analysis.

With the rapid rise of hemp in all forms \’\’and uses, some not so honest vendors attempt to make a fast buck with inferior product. The CBD hemp flower COA gives creditability to a “tried \’\’and tested \’\’and true” product. 3rd party testing provides the COA to the vendor so that the exact measurements of the cannabinoids is listed as well as a list of each of the cannabinoids that particular strain has.

Who Regulates the CBD Hemp Flower COA

CBD hemp flower COA reports are generated by the state where the hemp is grown. However, there are federal regulations which the state testing locations must abide by.

There is a purpose for having third-party or independent lab testing on CBD hemp flower COA. The purpose is to provide an unbiased analysis of the hemp products which are going out to vendors. These tests are used to indicate the CBD sample’s

  • quality,
  • purity,
  • potency

As more \’\’and more vendors \’\’and CBD distributors jump on the hemp train, third-party testing is critical to preserve quality in the hemp market. Since much of the hemp market still remains unregulated, that makes it easier for companies to lie about the quality of the products like selling contaminated product or exaggerating the cannabinoid profile.

What do CBD Hemp Flower COA Testers Test?

The 3rd party testing is for the entire profile of cannabinoids to outline which ones are in the hemp flower \’\’and the potency they have. Even though we primarily talk about CBD, THC \’\’and CBG, there are many others which work all together to provide a wide range of health benefits.

Secondly, 3rd party testing is for the terpene profile. It may seem like terpenes mainly affect the savors of the hemp flower but that is not altogether true. The terpenes also have health benefits as well so it is important to know.

Testing is also done on heavy metals that may be present as well as organic solvents \’\’and biological contaminants. All of these items affect the potency \’\’and perfection of the hemp flower or other productions.

CBD Hemp Flower COA Vendors

An industry full of scammers \’\’and false-advertising is hurtful for all concerned so some manufacturers pay out of pocket for their products to be fairly tested. The merchants also know that if the scammers dominate the market, the government is more likely to step in with additional regulations that make growing, manufacturing \’\’and selling difficult.

Some vendors are attempting to stem the tide by publicly displaying lab results like Dr Strains CBD does for its products. Also displayed on the product is exactly what it is \’\’and so that the customer knows exactly what he or she is buying.

Some vendors sell hemp seed oil for CBD oil. They are different including the hemp seed oil not having the health benefits which CBD oil does. Dr. Strains CBD is a vendor who cares highly about the customer satisfaction. Every hemp flower nug has an accompanying COA from a 3rd party lab to assure purity \’\’and potency of it.

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