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Strain ReviewThe Difference You Need to Know — What in the World are Hemp Strains?

The Difference You Need to Know — What in the World are Hemp Strains?

First, hemp is not marijuana even though some of the strains have the same name. Most of the marijuana strains are of the Indica type. That means that they are calming, relaxing \’\’and suitable for evening use without physical activity or social interaction. The indica type strains are high in THC so give a mind \’\’and body high. But hemp strains are different.

Hemp Strains has indica type \’\’and sativa type strains. As in marijuana, hemp indica type is calming, relaxing \’\’and focused but does not give a mind or body high. In induces sleepiness so those struggling with insomnia often use an indica type strain such as Bubba Kush.  It is a hybrid, but it is an indica dominant. The female hemp plant strain name Bubba was unexpectedly pollinated by an unknown strain. The breeder named it Bubba Kush.

Indica is Hemp Also

It is indica but it is not marijuana \’\’and it has high CBD content. So, it has therapeutic benefits for those with anxiety issues \’\’and insomnia. It is also beneficial for chronic pain. Frosted Lime has one indica leaning pent \’\’and the other parent is unknown but since it presents with effects largely sativa. So. it is referred to as sativa-dominant strain, consequently the other parent must have been full sativa.

Hemp Has Sativa Types

Now to take a look at Charlotte’s Web hemp strain. It is full sativa so provides the user with heightened focus, alertness \’\’and creativity.  And it possesses very high-CBD content so also has amazing medicinal qualities. Charlotte’s web relaxes but it has very little indica influence. Since it provides an alertness \’\’and focus, it also productivity.

Hemp Strains are Hybrid

If the hemp strain is a hybrid it has equal indica \’\’and sativa influence. However, it still may affect different people with varying effects. A perfect 50/50 indica/sativa strain has a perfect balance of effects that are relaxing \’\’and on the other side some alertness \’\’and focus. Because of the perfect balance, it is appropriate for any time of day.

There are few hemp strains straight up indica or straight up sativa. Most strains are hybrid \’\’and the strains will continue to increase as hybrid because the breeders cross strain with strain in an attempt to gain the genetic lineage they know the hemp community will best enjoy.

Strain on Strain – What’s It All About.

When you go to the dispensary to make a purchase, you will have a selection of strains to choose from. However, if you do now know have research under your belt, you may be ripe for pure confusion. For a point of reference, decide the general effect you want to achieve. If you are planning a pool party with some friends to relax \’\’and enjoy the unwinding of it all, go for indica type. It can be strain that is indica-dominant or 50/50 mix with sativa. If you struggle every Friday to get through the afternoon because of lack of energy, go for a strain that is sativa dominant.

You will have your personal favorite when it comes to flavor \’\’and aroma. That may take awhile to determine but enjoy the journey of exploration.


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