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The Entourage Effect: The Cannabis Plant

CBD and marijuana users have, at some point, heard about the term “entourage effect,” but have never really understood what it is. Here we will look into a little bit, explaining what it is, what research has shown, and how it can be achieved.

The cannabis plant contains over 100 different phytocannabinoids (naturally occurring cannabinoids or chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant) that interact with the body to produce therapeutic effects.

Researchers suggest that although some users are more inclined to take CBD, and THC separately (in whatever form), a greater advantage or effect occurs when they are consumed together along with other chemical compounds in the plant. This synergy is called the “entourage effect.”

It is assumed that this is the reason behind the effectiveness of herbal medicine, which utilizes the whole plant, compared to the isolated or extracted component (pure form) in other pharmaceuticals.

Many studies have proven this:

  • Patients with intense cancer-associated pain, who have had no relief despite chronic opioid treatment, were randomly administered THC-CBD extract, THC extract, and a placebo. The results showed that the THC-CBD extract was most efficient in relieving the pain in the patients. The THC compared with the placebo showed no significant change as the results were similar.
  • Standardized cannabis drug preparations rather than pure cannabinoids have the potential of becoming available in managing breast cancer.

Cannabis that has a high THC content (marijuana) gives a “high” effect in the user, while cannabis that contains a higher content of CBD than THC (hemp) gives therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effect.

Also, specially bred or grown cannabis with equal amounts of CBD and THC proved to be the most effective in relieving pain ‘and other symptoms among many users. Therefore, the ratio of THC to CBD is significant in getting the most out of the plant’s therapeutic benefits.

However, this ratio is different for everyone. Each individual may have different uses of the plant. Whether for pain, nausea relief, inflammation, or anxiety, the dose or ratio will probably be different, also considering the fact that the effects may vary among different persons.

But, of course, due to this sudden CBD spike and although many studies and researches are done, there is never a limit to how much information can be obtained in order to be well informed and knowledgeable about the chemical.

For those who are still a little skeptical about incorporating THC with their CBD, CBD on its own is still beneficial, \’\’and there are many reports \’\’and studies that prove that it is highly effective in providing therapeutic benefits. Also, different types of CBD may provide some synergy, such as full-spectrum, which contains all the natural cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, and broad-spectrum, which contains every other cannabinoid but THC.

Nonetheless, it is always safe to consult a doctor or health professional before using THC or CBD for medicinal purposes to prevent drug interactions when taking other medications or adverse side effects.


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