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hemp flowerThe Expectations for CBD Hemp Flower Results

The Expectations for CBD Hemp Flower Results

“The expectations for CBD hemp flower results is often too high and too fast so we do not enjoy actual results.”

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  • Let’s Be Realistic
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Today we live in a time of instant this and immediate that till we rarely stop and enjoy the span of time to expect results. Many times, we feel like the lady who walked into a grocery store and asked if they had anything she could have for dinner that was faster than “instant”. When we are talking about the resolution of pain, anxiety, insomnia, it does not help to “hurry up and wait”.  Resolution for some health challenges, without a doubt occurs faster than others and there are several factors which impact the timing. In any case, regulating expectations to more realistic levels may yield best results.

Expectations for CBD Hemp Flower Results — Timing May Not Be Everything

Expectations often clash with reality and can cause a massive lost of faith in something. We do live in a time of getting results without having to put a great deal of thought into it or time. The quip that says, “All good things come to those who wait,” may have more truth in it than you think.

We know that if you smoke hemp flower, you can feel the effects more rapidly because of the bioavailability factor. These effects are what comes from the terpenes to yield the taste and the aroma of a particular flower. Theses savors and aromas may be like the engagement with a bowlful of blueberry fruit with spice and pepper for the Berry Exotic hemp flower. You will smell and taste them immediately so for those results, they are immediate.

If your quest with consuming hemp flower is mainly for the savors, then you will experience more immediate results. If you consume it for the effects like calming and relaxing you or energizing you, then hemp flowers vary in how quickly you feel those effects. You may need to take vape or a smoke and settle in for three to five minutes.

Expectations for CBD Hemp Flower Results — Let’s Be Realistic

So, let’s talk realistically. It seems with all the health benefits from CBD hemp flower, it must me a magically potion. Not so. It is not magic, but I can attest to the fact of its effectiveness with my own personal experience. However, let’s look at the bigger picture of the healing factor of CBD hemp flower because that is what really counts.

Endocannabinoid System

Everybody has an endocannabinoid system even your pets do as well. That’s why CBD hemp flower works for them. The Endocannabinoid System could be likened to your breaker box. If you pull too much electricity in your home, your break will flip and suddenly there are no lights, no fans, etc. When we put too much stress on our body, when disease and germs wear our immune system down and many other damaging events happen, we throw a breaker or, in other words we lose power, energy, focus and health.  Our body is unhealthy which presents in worse allergies, more stomach pain, more difficulty breathing and a multitude of other ailments.

All the cannabinoids in the hemp flower are uniquely compatible to the native endocannabinoids in our body. As soon as we introduce any of the CBD hemp flower products to our body, it connects to the CB receptors all over our body and starts to restore health, energy and vitality. Back to the realistic thing, healing takes time particularly with some chronic conditions or new injuries.  Let’s look at the variables that you can adjust to achieve better results.

Expectations for CBD Hemp Flower Results –Considering Variables of Results

If you are consuming hemp flower for the savors and the effects, then your deserved results are consistent as far as what to expect. Flowers strains vary but within the strain it is consistent.  But when we take a closer look at resolution of health challenges, there are some variables to consider.

  • Dosage – The dosage of 1 dropper full or about 30 mg of CBD is the usual dosage in the morning.  If you prefer gummies then you can purchase them in ether 25 mg or 50 mg. If you smoke a hemp pre-roll then the mg will be stated on the package.
  • Method – The method is another variable. If you smoke or vape, the bioavailability is the fastest and most potent.  If you use the tincture and hold it sublingually, the bioavailability is faster than if it goes through your digestive system.  The gummies, if soft, can dissolve under your tongue, and in my experience provide faster results.
  • Timing — Micro-dosing is when you take 10 mg 3 times during the day rather than all at once in the morning or evening. You may need to experiment with what dosage works best for you and the particular health challenge you are working with.

Here are the averages for CBD bioavailability according to the type of administration are as follows:

  • 6% – 15% for oral (swallowed and digested by the GI system)
  • 35% for oromucosal (absorbed directly through the mouth)
  • 40% for vaporized (absorbed through the lungs)


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