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cbdThe February L-O-V-E Factor of CBD Hemp Flower

The February L-O-V-E Factor of CBD Hemp Flower

It’s February and love is in the air. The February l-o-v-e factor of CBD hemp flower consists of four things. L is for level; O is for optimal; V is for vitals; E is for efficient. So that is the love we are experiencing this month. There are many things that people have experienced with CBD hemp flower products. But let’s sum it all up with LOVE.



  • L is for Love
  • O is for Optimal
  • V is for Vitals
  • E is for Efficient
  • “LOVE” Last Words
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L-O-V-E Factor of CBD Hemp Flower — L is for Love

You may be asking what love has to do with hemp flower, well here it is. Sometimes we need to love on just ourselves rather than taking care of everyone else and making sure they are happy.

L-O-V-E factor of CBD hemp flower involves self-love which, I believe is something that we have to learn and practice for it to become a habit. One of the things I have started doing is pampering my face for Dr. Strains CBD-infused facial lotion regularly. Not only is it a great treatment for my face and makes it feel very soft, I feel good about myself when I do it.

L-O-V-E Factor of CBD Hemp Flower — O is for Optimal

Health and wellness are both valuable, but we may not realize what a commodity it is until we lose our health to disease and conditions like migraines, lupus, and any number of autoimmune situations.

L-O-V-E factor of CBD hemp flower is recognizing now how you can strengthen your health so it is better prepared to fight off disease. If you are dosing with CBD hemp flower or CBD tincture, CBD oil capsules, or CBD-infused gummies you are treating inflammation. Inflammation is one of the most common things that occur in our body and starts compromising our health in multiple ways. CBD is anti-inflammatory in any direction you look at it. But if you are using CBD hemp buds, you can choose ones that are particularly good for knocking out inflammation. Inflammation is the launch mechanism for many diseases even cancer.

Another way to act for optimal health if you are a nicotine smoker, try switching to smoking hemp flower pre-rolls. You will have amazing savors, a dose of CBD as well, and give your lungs a chance to heal from nicotine abuse.  Or you can purchase a Smokers Kit if you are just a beginner as it has all the elements you need to get started.

L-O-V-E Factor of CBD Hemp Flower — V is for “Vitals”

Our vitals are important to our being alive and also to the best of health while we are living. Your vitals refer to heart rate, O2 levels, blood pressure, and glucose levels mainly. When these are within a good and normal range our life expectancy improves exponentially because it means our bodies are functioning smoothly without “sand in the pipes”, low oil, or any other trauma our cars suffer.

L-O-V-E factor of CBD hemp flower requires monitoring and regularly having physicals and screens. But it also means treating our body to one of nature’s best healing sources which are CBD hemp flower in some form. We all have within our body’s structure something called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which has as its mission to keep our body in balance or homeostasis.

But when we eat junk food or come in contact with bacteria and viruses, environmental allergens, or any number of other causes, the ECS breaks down to a point that it doesn’t work at all or it is compromised in such a way to not be able to communicate with the CB receptors. This allows inflammation then disease to pervade our bodies and our vitals, like an airplane control panel, goes all haywire.

Add CBD hemp flower products to your daily routine and it gets to work immediately bringing the signal back loud and clear. Now we come to the E in Efficient

L-O-V-E Factor of CBD Hemp Flower — E is for Efficient

If you have a lawnmower that has a great fine sharpened blade to cut a perfect lawn but the engine is misfiring and makes a terrible noise, the sharpened blade is of little benefit. Your body weight may be perfect but if your blood pressure is high and your heart rate erradite then your body is not working efficiently.

L-O-V-E factor of CBD hemp flower is something to consider because when our body is working efficiently we feel better and we are happier. CBD-infused gummies are a convenient way to dose, and it tastes good as well. Or there are CBD tinctures that come in various flavors, put it under your tongue and it arrives at your bloodstream much quicker to do its work. If your arthritis is hindering you from walking efficiently or moving around through the day, you might want to try CBD Isolate Roll-On over that joint.

However you do it, give yourself some love today through CBD Hemp Flower products.


“Finding our Balance CBD Hemp Flower Talks to CB Receptors”

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