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cbdThe G, H, I of All Things CBD Flower

The G, H, I of All Things CBD Flower

CBD flower must be defined to be understood. Some word definitions are more applicable to your use of CBD than others but all of these words can help explain a more comprehensive underst\’\’anding.

The “G” of CBD Flower

Genotype – This term refers to the genetic building blocks from which a plant is created from.  It specifically refers to the genes which were isolated \’\’and/or combined to create a particular genetic makeup.

Germination – The term here refers to the plant’s growth cycle of when the seed cracks \’\’and sprouts seedlings. The process is triggered to force the cannabis hemp seeds out of their dormant state \’\’and on into a normal growth cycle.

The “H” of CBD Flower

Hemp — A distinct strain of the Cannabis sativa plant grown for industrial use medicinally \’\’and for fabric, canvas \’\’and other material. Hemp used in CBD products must contain less than .3% THC.

Hemp seed oil — Hemp seed oil is created by pressing the plant’s seeds. It has no therapeutic benefits but is often used as a dietary supplement \’\’and a low-saturated-fat cooking oil.

Hash – This is the short abbreviation of hashish which is concentrated cannabis that is made by removing the trichomes through a process called filtration. After it is collected, it is pressed \’\’and ready for use. Hash is more potent than the simple cannabis hemp flower. This is because everything has been removed except for the active part of the hemp plant.

Heirloom – A virgin original breed of cannabis hemp strain that has not been crossbred with another strain. This means it is a strain with original genetics.

Homeostasis – This term refers to the body’s state of balance or imbalance. The state of homeostasis allows cells \’\’and systems to live \’\’and function properly.  Stress, disease \’\’and illness as well as environmental chemicals upset the homeostasis. Our bodies can recover to an extent unless the stress continues, or the disease worsens \’\’and the body cannot keep up.  However, CBD products can bind to receptors in the human body to correct the imbalance.

Hybrid – Cultivators are continually taking one cannabis hemp strain \’\’and crossing it with another cannabis hemp strain to create a more potent strain or one with particularly unique savors \’\’and color. The end result is a hybrid. Sometimes hybrids breed by accident because of natural pollination.

Hydroponics – Some cultivators grow cannabis hemp with a method which is soil free. Hydroponics circulates water \’\’and nutrients in order to plant roots \’\’and have more control over the growth process. The advantage is that nutrients are delivered directly to the plant’s roots, so the plant has more energy to grow.

The “I” of CBD Hemp

Imbalance, Homeostasis – This is when disease, stress or environmental factors cause the body to fall out of homeostasis which leads to cellular malfunction. Then more disease follows.

Indica – The scientific name for the Cannabis hemp is indica. It is also the term used with some marijuana strains. It tends to produce a more relaxing \’\’and various levels of sedative effects. The opposite is sativa.

Intoxicating – Cannabis hemp has a cannabinoid known as CBD which does not cause intoxication. The cannabinoid THC does cause intoxication \’\’and is illegal in most states. The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized Cannabis hemp so long as it has 0.3% THC

Industrial Hemp – When hemp is grown specifically for industrial uses such as textiles, clothing, biofuel \’\’and the production of CBD, it is referred to as industrial hemp.

Isolate – This is the extraction of CBD from the cannabis hemp plant to the exclusion of all other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. It is not as effective in correcting imbalances in the body because it has no other compounds to interact with.

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