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cbdThe Great CBD Oil Divide — Is it This or That or the Other?

The Great CBD Oil Divide — Is it This or That or the Other?

A boss I had years ago approached every decision or time of evaluation with “1, “2, “3. I have never forgotten his approach \’\’and have used it myself many times. The great CBD oil divide needs a 1,2,3 strategy to properly explain \’\’and breakdown the 411 of all the different CBD oils. This is not about the types of Broad, Full-spectrum or Isolate. This is the CBD for sublingual use, or skin application or for baking.

  • #1 – Sublingual tincture CBD is for oral consumption,
  • #2 – CBD oil for topical application,
  • #3 – CBD for baking.

When I first started using CBD oil, I had some tincture CBD oil that tasted terrible, so I decided to use it as a topical on my arthritic joints. Then someone set me straight. Tincture CBD oil will not help your arthritic joint if applied topically because it is water based rather than oil based.

The Great CBD Oil Divide – Sublingual CBD Oil

CBD oil is most useful when taken sublingually – True or False? – #1 –if you are going to consume CBD oil, then it is most effective under your tongue because under your tongues lie many capillaries that create a path directly to your bloodstream where it can get to work.

#2 — Sublingual CBD Tincture may not be the most effective for you \’\’and your particular health condition. #3 – Do not limit the CBD options you have in the great CBD oil divide. #4 – If you do determine that Sublingual CBD oil is you best bet then it is suggested to take one or two servings per day. The amount of CBD your physical condition \’\’and purpose for using CBD will play a role in your decision on how much to take.

The Great CBD Oil Divide – CBD Goes Topical

Pure CBD oil can also function as a safe \’\’and supportive topical that consumers can apply to their skin; however, the CBD molecules will not be able to get into the bloodstream from skin absorption. The skin has an endocannabinoid system all its own. When you apply CBD oil topically,

it needs to have an oil base so that the skin can absorb it \’\’and it can travel to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. You may see the term “CBD-infused”. This is most generally used in lotions for moisturizing, as an antibacterial or to treat other skin conditions.

The great CBD oil divide grapples with times per day to apply \’\’and the amount to apply. There are recommendations but you will need to figure out the right amount that treats what you want to treat. CBD oil or CBD-infused lotions can be applied into the skin surrounding arthritic joints or other inflamed areas from an injured muscle or tendon.

And you can not forget the amazing CBD-infused facial cream that softens your face \’\’and rejuvenates the wrinkles that have accumulated over the years.

The Great CBD Oil Divide – Baking Driven CBD Oil

When choosing the right CBD oil to bake with, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. These will help make your experience as smooth as possible \’\’and give you better results.

  • Flavor – If you simply try to use CBD oil tinctures you may find the flavor hinders or affects the flavor of the baked goods. The solution is to use the baking CBD oil which is flavorless or if you can find a tincture that has no added flavor.
  • Concentration – Another thing that you must note is to figure how much CBD you want in each individual serving. You can also use a baking CBD that is a higher concentration which spans the great CBD oil divide with less liquid but more CBD.
  • Base – Always be sure \’\’and use baking style CBD for your baking adventures. You also want it to deliver on purity \’\’and potency so always check the labels.

A package of store-bought brownie mix should be mixed as usual. Then add 1000 mg at the same time you add the cooking oil. The cooking oil “provides safe passage” for the CBD oil to your bloodstream. Per this amount of CBD in the recipe, you will enjoy about 50 mg if you divide it up into 20 servings,

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