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cbdThe Great Question – Water-soluble or Oil Based CBD Oil

The Great Question – Water-soluble or Oil Based CBD Oil

The great question is not which is better; but which to use for what. Water-soluble vs oil-based CBD oil has to do with different applications \’\’and different ways to consume it.

Water-Soluble vs Oil based CBD – Considering Water-Soluble CBD

Using water-soluble CBD benefits you in many ways, is a full-spectrum product \’\’and has no THC \’\’and can dissolve in water.  Some CBD products say they are water-soluble, but they are usually nano-emulsification. This means that their products only contain CBD, \’\’and they break down the CBD, so the particles are really, really small so they suspend in water.  Being water-soluble has many great upsides, including:

  • CBD absorbs very easily in your digestive system so that you get faster \’\’and more effective results
  • You can mix CBD in with any drink, from water to coffee, smoothies or a cocktail \’\’and it will dissolve

Water-soluble CBD is usually a full-spectrum product meaning you get all the benefits from all the natural compounds in hemp. Water-soluble CBD is a CBD extract scientifically converted to water-soluble form, making it much easier for the body to absorb.

It is converted into a water-soluble by way of breaking down the oil into small particles then coating the particles with a bio-encapsulation that ensures the CBD is stabilized. This process creates a light, water-soluble CBD extract that can be fully digested \’\’and absorbed by the body.

Water-Soluble vs Oil-Based CBD – Common Uses of Water-Soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD is added to drinks, foods, or other means of consumption. When using water-soluble CBD there’s no fear of low CBD absorption levels or psychoactive effects because there is no THC in it.

Water-Soluble vs Oil-based CBD – Considering CBD Oil

CBD oil is one of the most common products on the shelf today.  There are many products with CBD oil in them as well as plain CBD oil tincture. There are a variety of processes to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant before it is added to an oil \’\’and diluted.

As an oil, consumers can use CBD oil in a variety of ways. Users can ingest CBD oil, apply it topically, or inhale it. CBD Oil undergoes physiological constraints during the digestion process.  Researchers concluded that rubbing it into the skin is better. Water-soluble vs oil-based CBD impacts our thinking when considering which one is more readily available to be absorbed in the body because our bodies are made up of a large percentage of water.

Orally consuming oil-based products is not the most effective way to absorb CBD because it does not work its way into our systems as well as water soluble products do.  The first pass effect or first-pass metabolism is a phenomenon of drug metabolism.  It means that the concentration is specifically reduced before it reaches the systemic circulation. This phenomenon reduces the compound’s overall bioavailability.  With less reaching systemic circulation, we are not able to feel its full effects.

“Water-Soluble or Oil-Based” Last Words

Choosing between water-soluble CBD products \’\’and CBD oil products is an individual choice \’\’and the key to deciding which is right is by evaluating your priorities.

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