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cbdThe Greatest Mix on Earth — CBD Hemp Terpenes Stirred with Cannabinoids

The Greatest Mix on Earth — CBD Hemp Terpenes Stirred with Cannabinoids

CBD hemp terpenes stirred with cannabinoids is significant because both of these compounds working together impact your health \’\’and the effects you feel from it. They are both a part of the entourage effect you get from a full spectrum product which the hemp flower always is.

CBD Hemp Terpenes Stirred with Cannabinoids – Cannabinoids \’\’and Health

All the cannabinoids have health benefits but there are a few which are particularly noted with health benefits. CBD, of course, is always at the top of the list as an anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-bacterial agent \’\’and pain slayer.

CBD hemp terpenes stirred with cannabinoids has another rising star which is the CBG cannabinoid. CBG works to fight inflammation, pain, nausea as well as slowing the growing of cancer cells.  Recent research shows CBG significantly reduces intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma.

Strains high in CBG will be beneficial treating conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease \’\’and Crohn’s disease.  CBG cannabinoid suppresses immune responses \’\’and can possible protect against autoimmune encephalomyelitis. It also may alleviate neuroinflammation in multiple sclerosis.

CBD Hemp Terpenes Stirred with Cannabinoids – Terpene Classification \’\’and Effects

Terpenes have a range of characteristics in regard to flavor, aroma, \’\’and, to remember, medicinal properties.  Scientists have discovered over 20,000 different but there are a few over 200 CBD hemp terpenes stirred with cannabinoids in hemp. There are 60 dominant ones which have been carefully studied.  Another piece of information here is that terpenes \’\’and terpenoids are not the same even though they have a similar hydrocarbon chain.

  • Myrcene – This terpene has savors similar to aging mangoes, bay leaves \’\’and lemon grass. It is sedating \’\’and relaxing.
  • Limonene – The savors are similar to what is in citrus peels with a strong lemon scent \’\’and peppermint. Its effects are elevating \’\’and stress relieving.
  • Pinene — This terpene has savors of pine \’\’and spruce \’\’and also resembles rosemary \’\’and sage. It lends itself to alertness \’\’and better memory.
  • Linalool – The savors are similar to lavender, citrus, birch \’\’and rosewood. It is sedating \’\’and calming.

CBD Hemp Terpenes Stirred with Cannabinoids – Cannabinoids & Terpene Benefits

Mixing terpenes with cannabinoids allows the two different compounds to complement each other. CBD hemp terpenes stirred with cannabinoids together interact with the endocannabinoid system receptors to relax, to invigorate, to ease pain \’\’and anxiety \’\’and much more.

When combined with cannabinoids \’\’and other plants, terpenes act differently. While recognizing the high presence of terpenes in the intensity of the hemp plant’s odor, its concentration depends on the hemp strain \’\’and even how it is cultivated. So it is important that you also know which cannabinoids the hemp strain has to determine its effects \’\’and its benefits.

  • Myrcene – This terpene is well known for its medicinal properties to treat pain \’\’and inflammation. It can be used for muscular fatigue after intense workouts.
  • Limonene — This terpene is an antidepressant, anxiolytic, immunostimulant, antitumor \’\’and an antibacterial. Then when combined with cannabinoids, it improves, modulates \’\’and enhances the effects. Limonene terpene also helps to dissolve oils \’\’and other lipids for use to aid weight loss, gastric reflux \’\’and heartburn.
  • Pinene — This terpene is an expectorant, bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory as well as an antiseptic. For thous\’\’ands of years rosemary \’\’and sage were used to improve memory. They both contain the terpene, Pinene.

Medicinal Benefits of Terpene-infused Hemp 

Hemp terpenes are an entirely different category \’\’and one of interest for experts. Hemp infused with additional terpenes only make the potency \’\’and effects stronger \’\’and the benefits more such as:

  • Mental stimulation,
  • Anti-anxiety,
  • Anti-depressant,
  • Anti-inflammatory.

Hemp terpenes also provide an “entourage effect” which allows the terpenes to work together with cannabinoids even in the growing process to produce the maximum cannabinoid \’\’and flavonoid content.  The secretory cells inside gl\’\’andular trichomes within the plant synthesize the terpenes.  This means that they are naturally enhanced with light exposure.

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