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hempThe Hemp Crop and the Almighty Dollar

The Hemp Crop and the Almighty Dollar

“Hemp crop and the Almighty dollar has turned the agriculture industry around in the United States because it is financially beneficial.”


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“When a crop translates into profit, is environmentally sustainable and deposits nutrients into the soil as it grows, farmers are going to plant up the fields with it and lay other crops aside.”




  • In the Beginning
  • Simple Economics
  • The 2018 Farm Bill and Beyond
  • “Almighty Dollar” Last Words
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  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


The Hemp Crop and the Almighty Dollar – In the Beginning

Hemp was one of the first crops to ever be cultivated and domesticated by humans. They call it the “green rush” as the benefits of the hemp plant continue to stack up and the variety of products increase that can be made with hemp.  Hemp and the almighty dollar has definitely impacted the explosive demand and market growth. It is continuing to boom as more and more individuals are finding help with chronic health conditions.

The Hemp Crop and the Almighty Dollar — Simple Economics

The economics of hemp growing is simple. The farmers are multiplying the acres in which they are planting hemp; they are crossbreeding to magnificent strains with higher and higher CBD content which means more health benefits for an increasing number of Americans with chronic health conditions. The consumer is demanding more product as their pain is minimized and skin conditions clear up using products with CBD. The pleasure of smoking hemp flower is replacing nicotine with a product that has health benefits.

The hemp crop and the almighty dollar watched one farmer went from cultivating 20 acres of hemp and in matter of two years increased to 85 acres as he saw the profit in the crop and as the demand multiplied. Tobacco farmers are starting to switch to hemp because hemp takes less water, but it is more technical to harvest. That fact may be because the harvest technique has not been perfected so harvest is quite labor intensive.

The Hemp Crop and the Almighty Dollar — The 2018 Farm Bill and Beyond

The 2018 Farm Bill changed the landscape of all things hemp when it legalized hemp farming and the sale of hemp and CBD oil derived from hemp. It changed it monetarily as well as changing the landscape for consumerism. As a result, hemp farmers sprang into action. This new class of cultivators started crossbreeding one hemp strain after another to provide a smorgasbord of savors, looks and experiences.

The hemp crop and the almighty dollar saw some amazing things within six months of the federal government recognizing that hemp may be cannabis but hemp is not marijuana.  hemp was proving itself as a profitable crop. Some are realizing that hemp farming is making an impact in the credit column of the American ledger.

“Almighty Dollar” Last

Integrating the hemp crop and the almighty dollar was embraced into the agriculture world because it was a boom to a faltering industry because of a great many elements. But hemp is a relatively easy crop to grow and since it replenishes the soil as it grows, there is no need to engage in crop rotation. It is naturally pest resistant, so pesticides are not needed, by and large so that saves money for the farmer.


“Taking a Dive Into What Hemp Growing Does for the Environment”

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Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

Are you looking for CBD bud products? Good News! We are continuing on through 2021 with bang-up additions to our inventory such as the following: 

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Dr. Strains CBD “Makes Smoking Simple”

Smokers kit (Round tray) offers everything you need with an enjoyable smoke because the smokers kit includes:

  • Round Rick and Morty tray
  • 2-piece plastic grinder (colors may vary: Green, Blue, Clear)
  • Raw rolling machine
  • Raw papers
  • High Hemp Original Wraps

Dr. Strains CBD has CBG Hemp Flowers

CBG-infused Special Sauce — Special Sauce is an Indica hybrid.  Smokable Special Sauce hemp flower contains at least 18 unique terpenes including myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene. CBD is on the average between 14% – 19% and CBG at 0.61%.  Awesome for night-time as a sleep aid, efficient for reducing pain, or providing an enchanting blanket of calm for the day, CBG is a shining star just rising in the cannabis world.

Dr. Strains CBD has “Smalls” Inventory

West Slope Pepper Smalls — Don’t let these smaller buds fool you, this strain is packed with over 19% CBD. This strain will give you all of the effects for relaxation and an uplifting taste for only $9.99 for 1/2oz!

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Dr. Strains CBD Explores D8 Flower “Power”

Cherry Diesel — Infused with D8, this flower will have enhanced effects of the favorite Space Candy.  Try a 1/2 oz. now for only $24.99!

Dr. Strains CBD has Topical Inventory

CBD Bath Shot – 60 mg of CBD to enhance your next bath and leave it smelling like roses and lavender. Your skin will come out all soft and silky.

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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.


FDA Disclosure

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