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hemp flowerThe Hemp Exchange — Smoking Hemp Flower vs. Tobacco

The Hemp Exchange — Smoking Hemp Flower vs. Tobacco

If you are a tobacco user, you may know the damage it is to your lungs, but it is not an easy addiction to surmount. Today, with the advent of hemp flower, there are options. Smoking hemp flower vs tobacco may be a viable option for you if you are addicted to nicotine.

The controversy regarding nicotine spans many decades \’\’and glowing advertisements splashed across billboards. These billboards are along the highways of America romanced nicotine \’\’and tobacco \’\’and in the inner city. If you are a non-nicotine individual, then you share an aversion to the odor \’\’and the second-h\’\’and damage which is repeatedly documented. Smoking hemp flower vs tobacco is all good for effects, for breaking a nicotine addiction \’\’and for providing a plethora of health benefits.

Smoking Hemp Flower vs Tobacco — It’s About the Smoke

Smoke, period, is an irritant to your lungs, throat \’\’and in fact, your entire respiratory system, particularly if you have a sensitive respiratory system. Vaping is not as much of an irritant because “the burning” does not happen when vaping. The hemp flower is merely “vaporized” rather than “burnt”. Hemp flower smoking vs tobacco presents an option to deliver CBD health to all parts of the body. Even to the smoke is not as much of an irritant as the smoke of tobacco.

Tobacco smoke is extremely damaging to your health even though some claim it can prevent obesity \’\’and lower the risk of Parkinson’s. It is also a cancerogenic that has a long history of damaging your lungs. It also damages your body in its entirety \’\’and others who around you. Tobacco is also addictive \’\’and with addictive agents, the user has to increase use to satisfy the need for it. This means the damage is accumulative \’\’and increasing.

According to research, tobacco is more harmful to the lungs than cannabis, so this is another point for smoking hemp flower vs tobacco. The CDC has warned for years that cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

Hemp Flower Smokes – The Benefits of it All

Let’s look at some additional points for smoking hemp flower vs. tobacco. Occasional \’\’and low use of cannabis hemp does not cause adverse effects on pulmonary function. Another study concludes that inhaling cannabis hemp report significantly better health outcomes than do those who smoke tobacco or a combination of both substances.

There are many ways of consuming hemp flower but one of the most common is smoking the hemp flower vs tobacco is in a hemp pre-roll, varying wraps, rolling your own hemp roll \’\’and specific hemp flower strain pre-rolls.

with a variety of hemp flower strains, dry vape or vape pen. The reason that smoking hemp flower has the most benefits \’\’and is the preferred method of ingestion is because the hemp flower health benefits are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream. It is called pulmonary ingestion but is just a fancy term for inhalation.

Bio-availability of Smoking Hemp Flower

Pulmonary administration provides better \’\’and faster bio-availability than other methods of hemp flower consumption. The other advantage of smoking hemp flower is that you can enjoy the full entourage of plant oils, terpenes, flavonoids \’\’and cannabinoids one of which is CBD.

Dependent, of course, on the hemp flower strain, smoking CBD flower has a much faster impact on your body. It is important review the various strains of hemp flower to find ones that release effects quickly \’\’and the ones which release more slowly but then linger longer. You can review hemp flower strains here.

Smoking Hemp Flower \’\’and Dosing

Smoking hemp flower vs tobacco is a non-intoxicating option because it is federally required to have 0.3% or less of THC. Most hemp smokers report mild effects as inhaled CBD flower works its way into through their body.  Learning proper dosing to meet the health needs you have may require more than smoking hemp flower. You can also dose by ingesting CBD infused gummies or CBD oil capsules as well as applying it topically.

“Smokable Hemp” Last Words

When smoking CBD hemp flower, remember the first thing you will notice is the flavor. This form of consumption brings out the entire savors profile of the bud. However, as we mentioned above, if you want fuller extent of savoring savors, try vaping. Vaping eliminates the need to incinerate the hemp flower. Instead, it vaporizes the flower making it go through your lungs more as a steam.

Here is much more information on the Smokeable Hemp Flower Market.

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