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UncategorizedThe Hemp Factor – Could Hemp Save our Earth?

The Hemp Factor – Could Hemp Save our Earth?

The question is simple – could hemp save our earth?  Through the years, the battle cry of many has been to do something to save our planet. There are those who push recycling \’\’and safer practices when digging up the earth to mine precious metals or scalp the hillside of its trees.

Even Henry Ford sounded the alarm with these wise words. “Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making \’\’and mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest \’\’and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?”

Could Hemp Save our Earth? – Sustainable Farming

Implementing sustainable farming best meets challenges \’\’and helps secure a better future for generations. Hemp is cannabis just like marijuana is but hemp is a harvest crop that does not produce any type of psychoactive effect but still provides health benefits \’\’and recreation value as well.  Hemp is a resilient plant serving more than 2,500 purposes so it helps to overcome many irresponsible farming \’\’and manufacturing practices involved in other crops.

Could Hemp Save our Earth? – Reasons for Sustainability

First \’\’and foremost, hemp is a plant that replenishes the soil to leave it more nutrient-rich than it was \’\’and there is no waste to the hemp plant. What is not used for the first level of consumers in the form of hemp flower nugs \’\’and extracted CBD oil, is converted to hemp biomass to be used to convert to fuel or many types of fabric. Now lets look at further reasons to ask the question, could hemp save our earth?

Could Hemp Save our Earth? – Uses Less Water than Other Crops

Cotton, one of the older traditional crops, requires a much higher amount of water to be healthy.  Industrial hemp needs less than 1/3 of the water that other traditional crops require.  That relieves a strain on the water supply in our natural resources. Many farmers have started turning their farml\’\’and into acreage for hemp because the profits are better \’\’and it is cheaper to grow with little to no pesticides needed \’\’and less water debut.

Could Hemp Save our Earth? – No Need for Crop Rotation Because of How Hemps Leaves Nutrients to the Ground

In traditional farming, the crops are usually rotated because wheat uses different nutrients than corn. So that gives the soil a chance to replenish itself.  Hemp is sustainable because the farmers can grow it season after season \’\’and the soil only gets richer. Another result of healthier soil is that it can help slow erosion \’\’and keep farml\’\’ands healthy for a longer period of time.

Could Hemp Save our Earth? – Easier for Organic Growing Because of Resistant to Pests \’\’and Diseases

Everyone should appreciate organic growing because whatever pesticides that the farmers put on their crops has a way of getting in the food we eat which cannot be good. The use of pesticides, fungicides, \’\’and similar chemicals can have a detrimental effect on the environment as well. But hemp is extremely resilient \’\’and is naturally resistant to pests, fungi, \’\’and diseases, so farmers can skip that part of the raising process. It saves money too.

Could Hemp Save our Earth? – Sailing Making, Construction Materials, Clothing, Fuel

It is long known that sailors love canvases \’\’and rope made with hemp because it is naturally resistant to the deteriorating from salt water. All types of pieces of clothing are made from hemp \’\’and they are durable as they come. The hemp biomass can be converted into alternative fuel \’\’and many other things.  Not to speak of oils, soaps, disinfectant solutions, etc. From hempcrete to other building supplies, hemp in on tap for all of it. And yes, it all plays a part in the saving of the planet.

Could Hemp Save our Earth? – Addresses Deforestation

Henry Ford knew something in his day about losing forests. Some estimate that 19 million acres of rain forest is destroyed every single year. A large portion of these rain forests is turned into agricultural l\’\’and or harvested to make paper. Industrial hemp grows in small spaces, so it is in place to slow down agricultural deforestation. Hemp also has a higher cellulose concentration than trees, so it makes for better \’\’and sturdier paper without losing so many trees. Hemp grows faster as well.

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