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hemp flowerThe Hemp Flower Smoke of it All

The Hemp Flower Smoke of it All

“The hemp flower smoke has a lot to say about effects, health benefits as well as the gift of kicking the nicotine habit with all of its addictive and damaging qualities.”

Winds from Dr. Strains CBD Blows in Delta 8 Flowers

Delta 8Delta 8 Shake

Convennient for use in baking, vaping or rolling your own hemp cigarette. It is just as potent but is usually more reasonable in price. It is always a smart idea to keep a stash of Delta 8 shake.


  • Why the Switch from Nicotine to Hemp Flower
  • Considering Pulmonary Administration
  • Considering the Flower for the Flower
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For those who enjoyed the cannabis savors but would not touch marijuana, now have a legal legitimate claim to the whole of hemp. The savors are similar to hemp flower so now you have your sweet spot of an experience to relax in the evening or get your get-te-up in the morning.  It is also a new experience you can offer your guy friends — a hemp smoking party and maybe do so rolling your own hemp cigarettes.


The Hemp Flower Smoke — Why the Switch from Nicotine to Hemp Flower? 

You may be an individual who has been smoking since you were in high school. It may not bother you that there are health concerns of what the nicotine does to your lungs and blood vessels. But then one day down the road you develop a smoker’s cough, and you start down the path of respiratory restrictions. Suddenly, you want the pleasure of smoking but not the cruel health complications. Hemp pre-rolls are your #1 solution. A heavy smoker told me once when she was attempting to stop the nicotine addiction that the hardest part was not having that cigarette between her fingers to puff on.

Smoking hemp does not automatically elimination a nicotine addiction but it is definitely a viable option that satisfies the drive to smoke. In simply smoking the hemp flower, you also retrieve health benefits which is a better side effect than rotting one’s lungs with tar.

More Varieties Than Nicotine

Nicotine has one flavor or maybe some slight variants of a similar flavor but look at all the variables that are at your fingertips when smoking hemp. And the flavors from lemon and other citruses and aromas of lavender to mown grass to many, many more. And there are options for smoking because you can roll your own hemp cigarette so then you have the choice of any flower with any profile of cannabinoids or terpenes to meet your specific need.  Or you can buy a hemp pre-roll so it’s ready at a moment’s notice

The Hemp Flower Smoke — Considering Pulmonary Administration

Probably one of the most important factors is that if you want quick results, smoking or vaping is the way to go because you can receive benefits, within minutes. It is important to note here that since the benefits and effects happen immediately, they will not last as long.  But that is an easy solution because CBD hemp flower is never addictive. But let’s talk a little more about pulmonary administration. The hemp flower has to get your bloodstream in order to interact with the CB2 receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  When you smoke the hemp pre-roll, the smoke carries the benefits to your lungs and directly into your bloodstream where it meets up with the CB receptors. Then the pain can be relieved, the anxiety will be moderated and on and on.

The Hemp Flower Smoke — Considering the Flower to Flower

Any member of the Smokable CBD hemp flower movement will want this flower in their collection because CB Dawg is a popular hybrid strain with more than 15% CBD.  CB Dawg is a hybrid which is predominantly of the indica variety at 90% and 10% Sativa. This strain works well to control the pain of headaches, including migraines as well as pain radiating to or from the neck.

Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp strain has between 15% to 21% CBD content and always the legal amount of below of THC.  Hawaiian Haze users report a span of sensations from “head in the clouds” to simply a “more social feeling” for the evening with friends. This hemp flower puts its user into a full daydream mode to imagine that perfect island getaway but it is not recommended for evening because it can energize you.

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