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hemp flowerThe Hemp Flower — What it Does Times Two

The Hemp Flower — What it Does Times Two

The female hemp plant produces the hemp flower as it mature. It has a variety of names including the CBD flower \’\’and the CBD bud. It is the most valuable part of the hemp plant \’\’and used to make CBD oils \’\’and hemp oil. The hemp flower is trimmed from the hemp plant with little to no manufacturing or cleaning.  This simplicity enables the natural cannabinoids to remain in-tact which means it maintains a more potent effect.

The hemp flower contains high levels of cannabidiol, terpenes, \’\’and flavonoids. The hemp buds looks like the cannabis flowers \’\’and it also smells similar.

Some hemp buds contain 15% to 20% CBD \’\’and a full spectrum of a variety of other cannabinoids.  Hemp has much lower amounts of THC making it significantly different than marijuana. The hemp flower is many things , but what does it do?

The Hemp Flower \’\’and Pain Relief

CannaBiDiol (CBD) is the active ingredient derived directly from the hemp bud on the hemp plant. The full-spectrum CBD hemp flower provides pain relief of better quality since in has other effective cannabinoids as well.

The endocannabinoid system utilizes all the different cannabinoids so the body stays healthy \’\’and strong. Part of enabling the body to operate at its best performance level is effectively treating chronic pain.Inflammatory conditions in the body drive chronic pains in general or in a specific area of the body.

In a recent study, CBD hemp flower applied to the skin in the area of chronic pain, helped relieve the inflammation as well as the pain of different types of arthritis. CBD hemp flower also inhibits neuropathy pain which diabetics suffer from largely in their feet.

Anti-Anxiety Effects

The CBD hemp flower has elevated CBD content so provides a subtle relaxed feeling. They are popular because of these anti-anxiety properties. Frequently they are a helpful solution in the high-stressed society of today. It also eases simple every-day anxieties so an individual can function more productively.  But it benefiting qualities for severe anxiety disorders. Marijuana users report sensing a “mental high” but that is different from the “body high”. The full spectrum CBD hemp flower enables the individual to have better focus \’\’and clarity.

The calming \’\’and soothing affect of the CBD flower has also provided substantial relief for individuals who suffer with anxiety attacks. CBD hemp flower is a fast-acting compound which for those individuals living with the challenges of anxiety panic attacks.  When eliminating drugs \’\’and alcohol while using CBD flower, the detox is more effective.

“Times Two” Concluding Words

Hemp is misunderstood by many, even federal regulators as we know from laws which have been in place. Then 2018 Farm Bill passed \’\’and much changed in the hemp community as they realized hemp is not marijuana. Hemp is hemp; it is healing; it is “mental high” free \’\’and it is a safe alternative to addictive pharmaceuticals.

Since hemp interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, it accesses \’\’and attaches to the CB2 receptors. So it is like it sends healing to the body in general.

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