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cbdThe “High 4” Reasons to Dose with CBD Hemp Flower

The “High 4” Reasons to Dose with CBD Hemp Flower

“Reasons to dose with CBD hemp flower may go into the double or triple digits the more you know about this natural anti-high natural compound.”


Dr. Strains CBD has Hemp Flower for Sale in December

Bubba Kush Remedy Smalls

The Bubba Kush Remedy CBD strain has a lovely floral, fresh rainforest scent to it out of the bag and a classic skunk-like earthy hemp taste when smoked.  The Bubba Kush Remedy CBD flower strain is a cross between the two well-loved strains, Bubba Kush and Remedy.  This strain is best used for relieving issues related to stress, mood, anxiety, and also headaches, migraines, and similar types of aches or pains.  Bubba Kush Remedy is a great choice for anyone seeking relief from the effects of daily stress. It has powerful, naturally calming effects and boosts mood.  Pick this strain if you’re seeking to manage issues such as mental stress and inflammation-related pain and discomfort.

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We are not writing volumes of books here, so we are going to stick with the “high 4” reasons to dose with what seems at times to be magic because of the quick results. Also, many say that it seems it is therapy for any ailment you may have. There is a reason for that. All the compounds in the hemp flower have the main purpose — to regulate and restore balance to our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  When it does that, it does not just balance one ailment, but it takes the whole-body approach.


Reasons to Dose with CBD Hemp Flower – Non-Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical medications may work to a degree sometimes and other times they work amazingly well. For pain, pharmaceuticals are addictive and many times do not work well.  For other pharmaceuticals, the side effects may outweigh any benefits that one gets.


But CBD hemp flower in whatever manner you decide to dose with is natural and as good as impossible to overdose. All the compounds in the hemp plant and hemp buds are natural. The hemp farmer does not add some element that becomes part of the hemp flower. In fact, labs test for everything that is in the flower and that has to be reported.


Reasons to Dose with CBD Hemp Flower – Effective Track Record

Now let’s look at reason number two reasons to dose CBD hemp flower. CBD hemp flower has an effective track record and a consistently successful record as well. There has to be a reason for this success so let’s talk about it.  Our body has something called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). When the scientists and researchers discovered it, they also discovered that hemp cannabinoids, of which there a 100s, have the ability to interact with our body’s own ECS. The ECS is made up of endocannabinoids rather than hemp’s cannabinoids, but they are similar enough to be able to interact with other


There may be some health conditions that CBD hemp flower does not touch, but CBD has general effectiveness, and it also has specifics. Generally, what CBD does is balances the body’s systems and organs and restores the signal. Specifical pain is mitigated, moods are stabilized breathing is bettered.


Reasons to Dose with CBD Hemp Flower – Multiple Dosing Options

If you go to the doctor for severe chronic pain, he or she will no doubt suggest hydrocodone or some similar narcotic to which you can become addicted to in a short amount of time.  Dr. Strains CBD has a large and varied inventory of CBD hemp flowers that you can choose from to dose your pain with. Besides that, there are CBD oil capsules and CBD-infused gummies to take orally.


  • Lifter CBD hemp flower strain is top shelf and averages at 18% CBD content. Lifter gives focus to help get through your day and complete your tasks and quells that pain.
  • Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower strain is a slow-moving relaxation that lingers. Bubba Kush is effective as an anti-anxiety agent and is recognized for improving nighttime sleep don’t forget about that pain relief so you can sleep better as well.
  • CB Dawg hemp flower users can enjoy a nice, tranquil vibe without any drowsiness. The daytime therapeutic benefits are a relaxed, clear-headed, and focused effect. It is particularly good for controlling pain so it is a much-desired strain you can have a smoke with, in the morning and in the evening.

Reasons to Dose with CBD Hemp Flower – Puts You in Charge of Health

Natural compounds always put you in charge of your health. You can choose a natural compound that has a better chance of helping you than a pharmaceutical.  You can learn more about your body because you learn to sense when your anxiety is building, or your pain meter is gyrating. It is then you can pop a couple of CBD-infused gummies or smoke a hemp pre-roll that is already for you. If you know that you have arthritic pain in your feet and ankles buy you will be walking more than normal then roll some CBD Isolate Roll-On.  There is hope for your anxiety for your chronic pain for your gyrating glucose meter. The choice to dose CBD is yours. Look at it like an adventure that has the possibility to lead to health.


The Last

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There are so many methods to dose with hemp flower and since everyone’s body and health conditions are different, you will have to find the method that works for you.  After several trials, I found that the topicals worked best for me and my osteoarthritis condition. But for my anxiety and depression, the gummies were the #1 winner. You will find the dosage and the method that works best for you but give it some time.  Be sure and stay with one method for at least 14 days to give it a fair shake.


If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.


Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Shopping

Are you looking for CBD bud products? Good News! We continue through 2021 with bang-up additions. For this reason, you must visit Dr. Strains CBD to enjoy the new inventory.

Dr. Strains CBD has Delta 8 Moonrock

Our premium Dr. Strains CBD grown Delta 8 D8 Moonrock is one of our best flowers yet! Grown in 2021 by us at Dr. Strains our base flower is Bubba Kush.  We grew this strain in our greenhouse and finished the last 3 weeks indoors! This flower has a gassy citrus nose filled with terpenes and covered in crystals.  Then we dried, cured, and sprayed the flower with the Delta 8 oil. Then we covered the Delta 8 moonrock in premium kief! (Within Federal Legal limit).


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Dr. Strains CBD has Cones

Looking for holy organic hemp papers? Now you can enjoy your flower in personal Bible Cone Papers that you can stuff and can carry with you.

These Bible Cone Papers will allow you a clean smoke so every flavor of your flower can be enjoyed.

Bible Cone Paper prides themselves on being the Treasure of the United Smokers! 

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Dr. Strains CBD has D8 Chips


Your favorite snacks just got infused! A new and yummy way to eat your D8 is in 250mg D8 Chips.


Our 250mg D8 Chips come in an assortment of flavors such as:

  • Weedos (Flamin Hot Flavor)
  • Doweedos (Cheese Flavor)



Dr. Strains CBD has Hemp Smoker Kits


Hemp Smokers Kit @ $18.99 – $24.99

Smokers kit includes:

  • Rolling Tray of your Choice
  • 2 piece plastic grinder (colors may vary: Pink, Blue, Orange, Green, Black, Clear)
  • Raw rolling machine
  • Juicy Jay papers
  • High Hemp Original Wraps


Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.


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