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hemp flowerThe High and the Low of Hemp Flower Delta 8 Cannabinoid

The High and the Low of Hemp Flower Delta 8 Cannabinoid

“The hemp flower delta 8 cannabinoid is a new discovery, but many are starting to infuse the hemp flowers with it to provide a more lively punch.”

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Hemp Flower Delta 8 Cannabinoid – In, Out and Legal

The hemp flower delta 8 cannabinoid is the fourth most researched cannabinoid and right now it is receiving even new attention. It does have a variety of benefits which will make the hemp community very happy.  So let’s look a little deeper. Most cannabinoids occur by cannabinoid synthesizing enzymes at high concentrations, but Delta-8 is different.

It occurs in small percentages as Delta 9 degrades.

Because of this, delta-8 must be extracted from other cannabinoids and the concentrate can be used for many different applications like Delta 8 vape carts, to infuse into the hemp flower, for edibles or even delta-tincture.

The next question I know you are asking is, “Is it legal?” Marijuana has high levels of Delta-9 THC which is still illegal in most states and on a federal level.  The 2018 farm bill made hemp legal as long as it contains no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC so that makes Delta 8 legal because it is at the 0.3% level as well.

As will all hemp products, it is advisable to make your purchases for an experienced and reputable vendor such as Dr. Strains CBD. You can research your state to see if they have particular laws different than federally.

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Delta-8 shows significant potential but research keeps being challenged by regulators. The hemp community is hopeful that with an education that more Delta 8 products can be utilized and put in the inventory of the vendors.

Hemp Flower Delta 8 Cannabinoid — Delta 9 vs Delta 8 Effects

It is commonly known that there is a feeling of anxiety and paranoia with the Delta 9 so besides it being illegal in most parts of the United States, it gives an unpleasant high.  But Delta 8 is much different in that the negative high is non-existent.  Delta 8 provides a clearheaded experience and stimulates relaxation but not a couch-lock. Delta 9 gives a user the feeling of being out of control which Delta 8 users come with a sense of being in control.

If you are vaping delta 8, the users report that they do not feel sleepy like Delta 9 vape does. But instead, it increases their energy level and lends itself to focus but no anxiety. If you are trying Delta 8 for the first time, take it slow to determine what your tolerance is. Many explain it as being intense but still mellow. The high is very relaxing, calming, and always clear-headed. Normally, they find that they can continue with the tasks of the day with a sense of contentment.

Hemp Flower Delta 8 Cannabinoid – Expand on the Effects

Other effects from Delta-8 include a stimulated appetite and an enhanced your mood, as well as helping with certain types of pain in varying degrees of alleviating symptoms. Following are some additional effects and experiences you may have when using Delta 8.

  • A floaty feeling of weightlessness,
  • Neuroprotective properties for a healthier brain,
  • Engages energy to better focus,
  • Anti-nausea for patients receiving cancer treatment,
  • Gives a feeling of mellowness and clearheaded,
  • Fewer anxiety symptoms with its anxiolytic effects
  • Promotes appetite. 

“Delta 9” Last

In a 1995 study, researchers tested Delta 8’s antiemetic efficacy regarding to cancer treatment. The results showed that delta-8 prevented vomiting in all subjects along with minimal negative side effects.

A 1987 study discovered that Delta 8 improved levels of acetylcholine in the brain which can help to reverse Alzheimer’s because of its neuroprotective qualities. Another study revealed that Delta 8 cannabinoid helps to reduce tumor size in those with lung cancer.  With these studies, Delta 8 is showing significant promise in a number of different medical applications.

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