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Strain ReviewThe Inside Edition on Cannabis Hemp Strain

The Inside Edition on Cannabis Hemp Strain

Cannabis Hemp Strains is defined also as cultivar, variety or selection within the industry. Those in the horticultural circles have ceased using the term “strains” \’\’and prefer to identify it by a particular characteristic the plant has.

Cannabis Hemp Strain –

Feral Cannabis

This cannabis strain is labeled as “ditch weed” since it grows wild.  It is also a descendant of the industrial hemp plant. It was originally cultivated for the purpose of fiber content.  Industrial hemp was cultivated for support during World War II. Since then it has reseeded \’\’and grown wild in some mid-west states.

Cannabis Strain –

Sativa Strain — Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold was popular during the 1960’s for its potency \’\’and unique color. Acapulco Gold came to the United States in 1964,.  It provides an exceptionally strong  therapeutic benefits because of a long growing season.

Cannabis Hemp Strain –

Sativa Strain – Charlotte’s Web

The Charlotte’s Web is high in CBD \’\’and low in THC.  It has appetite suppressant qualities as well.  With less than 0,3% THC, it will not induce a psychoactive high event.   Charlotte’s Web, named after Charlotte Figi, is significant in reducing epileptic seizures for individuals with Dravel Syndrome. In 2018, Epidiolex with CBD became an oral solution approved by the FDA for two types of epilepsy.

Cannabis Hemp Strain —

Indica Strain — Platinum OG

Platinum OG stems from the combination of Master Kush, OG Kush, \’\’and a strain from the Purps variety. Platinum OG cannabis strain is an impure indica strain because of a very latent sativa strain in its lineage. The buds of Platinum OG have heavily distributed trichomes but are not sticky to the touch.

Indica \’\’and Sativa Hybrid Strains

Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strains – Blueberry Diesel – Also known as Blue Diesel, the CBD content is 40:60 sativa/indica ratios \’\’and the THC content is at 15%. It is a cross between two medical marijuana cannabis strains: Blueberry which is indica, \’\’and Sour Diesel which is sativa.  The flowering period is 55 to 60 days putting harvest time in late September through October.  This particular cannabis strain is often prescribed for patients suffering from loss of appetite, lower back pain \’\’and migraines. There are positive results also for use with insomnia \’\’and glaucoma.

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Strains – Blue GooBlue Goo is a cross between Blue Dream hybrid \’\’and Afgoo.   Blue Goo is actually a sativa-dominant hybrid. The flavor of this strain has a unique balance between berries \’\’and pine. The Blue Goo has an appeal to the sativa fans as the high is well-balanced. Blue Goo’s potency measures between 16% \’\’and 22% THC

Concluding Thoughts

Hemp cannabis strains have therapeutic benefits specific to the strain. A product with a specific strain for specific effect is the service the CBD hemp products offer \’\’and will continue to exp\’\’and to new innovative solutions.

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