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cbdThe Inside Out of Hemp Plant Uses

The Inside Out of Hemp Plant Uses

The hemp flower is the part of the hemp plant that has the most uses of the entire plant. It has uses as an oil or ground fine for hemp pre-rolls. The hemp flower is also used in a form to make hemp butter or hemp oil.

Going Legal with Hemp

The hemp flower is used by individuals who want to have a higher percentage of CBD as well as a legal limit of 0.3% or less of THC. Hemp flowers are also used by many who desired the full benefits of all the components together rather than separately as it is full spectrum and organic. Full spectrum is often the preferable consumer option particular if it is also organic.

Hemp Flower Use in Baking

Back in the day, a big plate of pot brownies on the table for Friday evening social just hit the spot in those college days.  The purpose of these baked goods was a good THC high.  Today, brownies are made with hemp flower without the “high” aspect, but the benefit of the CBD.  These benefits may include lessen pain, quieting of chronic anxiety and other health conditions.

Baking cookies, cakes, brownies and many other things with Hemp flower CBD provides a unique way to consume a product and derived health benefits as well.  It is difficult to determine the dosage when using the hemp flower in this way and it takes longer to have an impact on the body in lessening pain or alleviating anxiety.

Hemp Flower Use — Smoking or Vaping

Smoking or vaping the hemp flower is a relatively new manner of delivery. The hemp flower has a high percentage of CBD but 0.3% or less THC. This fact is an option for those who have been smoking marijuana for years but now want the CBD benefits but not the “high” or “stoned” impact from the THC. It has also been a beneficial way to stop smoking by using some type of CBS inhalant.

Individuals use the ground hemp flower to roll as a traditional cigarette. This is a fast delivery of the CBD benefits to the body. Smoking or vaping requires caution when an individual has respiratory challenges.

Hemp Flower Use for Pain Reduction and Anti-Anxiety

One of the most important hemp flower uses is to combat stress and panic anxiety attacks. The hemp flower is naturally high in CBD but 0.3% or less of THC. These percentages are partially the reason for the heightened healing effects many experience. The cannabinoids and terpenes are partially responsible for relieving stress and anxiety disorders.

Hemp Flower Use for Sustainable Crop

The hemp plant has been proven to be a sustainable and profitable crop because of three primary things:

  • Hemp flower use in the medical field;
  • Hemp flower use because of structural form;
  • Hemp flower use for dietary purposes.

Hemp is not the same as marijuana even though the public perception is contrary.  Legalization is slow, but with the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is legalized.  Now that the use of the hemp flower is in the supply chain and legal in most places for farming, it is well on its way to the status of a very profitable crop. Hemp is self-compatible so it can be grown years in a row and actually benefit other crops grown afterward. The hemp plant thrives in humus-rich, nutrient rich soil with a gauged water flow. Roots of the hemp plant dive about three feet into the soil so consequently use water from down deep in the earth.


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