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cbdThe Law and Freedom to Consume CBD Flower

The Law and Freedom to Consume CBD Flower

“The law and freedom to consume CBD flower has been tenuous through the years and the law is meddling again. What will it mean?”


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What does the law say about Americans consuming CBD hemp flower?



  • Conflicting Relationship
  • The 2018 Farm Bill Changed Everything
  • Setting the Hemp Flower Market Free
  • “Freedom and Law” Last Words
  • Today’s Feature Post
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


The law has been on both sides of the issue for a variety of reasons but today, it is finally giving the freedom that the hemp community deserves.

Law and Freedom to Consume CBD Flower – Conflicting Relationship

The law-making branch of the United States government has had a confrontational way of eliminating this useful plant from our reach in the agriculture environment as well as in the medical field. In 2014 some of the regulations started changing as farmers could start cultivating hemp buds so long as they were operating under the umbrella of a state university. That university was also allowed to do research on hemp, all the cannabinoids, and other natural compounds in the hemp flower.

Law and freedom to consume CBD Flower in whatever form one desire is a right of Americans because it is such a profitable, fun, healthful substance. Farmers have the right to grow and produce the hemp plant to meet an eager market. And we need researchers to continue to research so we know as much as possible about nature’s best. Cannabis has been used for its therapeutic effects throughout history but then, even with medical acclamation of hemp and all it does, cannabis became political. This always has dangerous consequences for the American people.

Law and Freedom to Consume CBD Flower – The 2018 Farm Bill Changed Everything

The law is important and should be followed however when it starts infringing on the rights to make a living (growing hemp) and enjoying good health (consuming CBD products) and having fun ( the spiked hemp parties); it is then that the government has exceeded its rights to dictate.

Law and freedom to consume CBD Flower should exist period and not be ruled as illegal just because its family name is “cannabis”. Since 2018, regulations has relaxed and farmers and consumers have caused the marketplace to explode. And rightfully so as farmers struggle with crops that bring minimal returns and the need to rotation crops so the soil does not become depleted.

Now hemp provides a highly profitable crop as well as leaving the soil more nutrient-strong than before. Farmers are seeing “black ink” once again as they balance their checkbooks.

Law and freedom to consume CBD flower allow the sick to experience health once again. Ones who have limped for years because of joint pain now can walk. Why? Because lawmakers finally saw the light and accepted the truth of cannabis hemp.

Law and Freedom to Consume CBD Flower – Setting the Hemp Flower Market Free

If you are a farmer or if you are a person who loves to smoke and feel the accompanying effects or if you are someone who can function in society now that they have access to CBD hemp flower …. all groups want hemp flower set free. And that means as few regulatory inferences from the government as possible.

There should be regulation for the percentage of THC content because there is a reason people are going for hemp – experience healing without the “high”.

Law and freedom to consume CBD flower do not need micro-managing that stifles innovation and progress with increasing volume.  This will cripple the market and limit access for consumers. 

“Freedom and Law” Last

Law and freedom to consume CB flower should involve consideration of multiple factors including the great benefits to man, to the beast, and to the environment.


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